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“My goal is to help you Learn Farsi Language fluently and confidently”

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Dear Farsi Lovers,

I am an experienced, highly qualified, expert Farsi author, teacher and tutor, having taught both in a classroom and one-on-one. I teach the best strategies and tips for learning Farsi, this beautiful language, fast and effectively. As a Farsi tutor for the last eight years, I have had the pleasure of helping numerous of Farsi learners realize their own potential and see how fast they can learn how to communicate in Farsi.

Fluency in multiple languages is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Advancing your career and making your international vacation a breeze are the benefits of being a bilingual speaker. One language that is becoming more popular is Persian (is called Farsi in Iran and Dari in Afghanistan). There are many reasons for learning this lovely language. At least, learning this language opens doors into an endless treasure trove of history, culture, and civilization. But, learning Farsi language can be a frustrating process. Many learners do not know how to learn Farsi properly and quickly. As a result, they waste hours, days, months, or years struggling to improve their language skills. Usually, their progress is slow and painful.

Most of Farsi learners who had studied even for several years don’t have a satisfactory proficiency and many of them will never become fluent. I think the main reason is the teaching method. Therefore, I focus on innovative and effective instructional strategies to keep my students motivated and actively involved in my Persian classes.

Whatever is your need or interest, I feel confident in my skills as a Farsi teacher, and I can tell you that you are going to enjoy and appreciate my ideas and methods! Here is a summary of my teaching method:

  • In the first step, I help students learn Farsi alphabet. At the same time, I present sentences and vocabulary through examples in Farsi, and ensures student comprehension through gestures and writing target structures on the board in Farsi and in English languages.
  • The next step is reinforcing the structures by asking questions about the sentences and vocabulary. I’ll solicit student responses by asking why, who, when, where and how questions, thus continually recycling the vocabulary and the grammar.
  • Finally, the same vocabulary and grammar structures are used in a reading to verify students’ comprehension. Sometimes, I may refer to grammar briefly with rapid explanation, but, the stress is always on meaning and comprehension.

Working with me as your personal tutor is a pleasant experience. I enjoy teaching students of all ages. From my experience, each student has unique talents, inherent ability, and the potential to learn. They generally do not have any difficulty understanding the materials, they only need to find their best learning style and a strong motivation, which I hope to help them discover in my Farsi classes.

It’s always a great thing to know more than one language, and I can be the tutor to help you with that. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve success in your Farsi language studies!


Best Regards

Your Farsi Tutor,


“I have figured out what works in Farsi language learning and, more important, what doesn’t”

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Online Persian Learning that's Effective, Affordable, Flexible, and Fun.

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Ultimate flexibility. You can now learn Farsi online via Skype, enjoy high quality engaging lessons no matter where in the world you are. It's affordable too.
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I provide one-on-one Farsi language tutoring online, via Skype. I believe that one-to-one tutoring is the most effective way to learn Farsi.
The Best Way to Learn Farsi Fast!
Working with an experienced Farsi tutor is the key to success! I give you the support & motivation you need to succeed with a personal touch.


Farsi online tutorials are very helpful in today’s fast –paced and technologically advanced world. They have many advantages including:

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Why Choose Me?

“My Effective and Innovative Teaching Method can help you progress towards your goals faster than ever before.”

Why my system is better ...

Key features

1. Highly Experienced College Instructor with a Double Master’s Degree  

2. Author of more than 50 Farsi Learning Books including “Persia Club Dictionary Farsi-English” and “Easy Persian Phrasebook”.  

3. Dedicated Instructor with Extensive Experience for Developing and Delivering a Personalized one-on-one Farsi Lessons.  

4. High-Energy and Result-Oriented with a Successful Record of Accomplishments in Teaching Farsi Language.  

5. More than 8 years of Online Teaching Experience    

6. Clear Online Teaching Methodology  

7. High Student Satisfaction Rate

How to Start?

1-  Use Skype: 

Install Skype on your computer so we can talk to each other in the lesson. If you don't have Skype, you can download it for free from the Skype website. Skype helps you enjoy great quality audio in your online Farsi lessons. After installing Skype, add my Skype ID: rezanazari1

2- Get a Free Consultation:

I would be more than happy to give you a free consultation on Skype before you buy lessons. Send me an email at: reza@learnpersianonline.com and provide your information. I will contact you back and ask you to suggest a suitable time for the consultation on Skype.

What You Need ...

1- Good Internet Connection

To get the best possible online experience, you need a stable Internet connection. Your connection must be fast enough to have a VOIP conversation over Skype.

2- A headset microphone

If possible, please use a headset because it gives the best audio quality.

3- PayPal

To buy lessons you will need a PayPal account. You pay for your lessons in monthly packages or per session. You can send money to our email via PayPal at: info@learnpersianonline.com

Fees ...

Lessons are available individually and part of bundles as follows.

- 1 Hour Class: $45.00

- 10 Hour Bundle: $400.00

- 20 Hour Bundle: $780.00

- 100 Hour Bundle: $3,700.00


Monthly (Four Weeks):

  • 1 session per week (90 Minutes): $240.00
  • 2 session per week (90 Minutes): $460.00
  • 3 session per week (90 Minutes): $680.00
  • 5 session per week (90 Minutes): $1,100.00

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