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Prospective Students,

I am a native Farsi speaker and learning Farsi languages from a native experienced tutor will be

the advantage that you can earn with me.

If you want to improve your Farsi conversation skills or reduce your accent I have successful

experience in tutoring non-native speakers in Farsi.

Would you like to improve your Farsi communication or writing skills at work? I am also a well

experienced business professional in the language field with a decade background in teaching

official language learning.

I’ll teach you which way the Persian language will be enjoyable for you.

Depending on your needs will be teaching Persian language in the fields of: writing, speaking,

reading and listening.

There is the 5 ways we learn languages:

 The Vocabulary-Based Approach

 Double Translation

 The Grammar-Based Approach

 The Communicative Approach

 The Immersion Method

A method which I adopt to teach start with teaching alphabet and continue with vocabulary

learning in sentences, becoming familiar with the Persian slangs, poem and culture.






Hourly: $40

5 session 60 min: $150

10 session 60 min: $300

One month (12 session 60 min in 4 weeks) = $360


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