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Learn Farsi in 100 Days: The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning Farsi Fast

The goal of this book is simple. It will help you incorporate the best method and the right strategies to learn Farsi FAST and EFFECTIVELY.

Learn Farsi in 100 days helps you learn speak Farsi faster than you ever thought possible. You only need to spend about 90-120 minutes daily in your 100-day period in order to learn Farsi language at advanced level. Whether you are just starting to get in touch the Farsi language, or even if you have already learned the basics of the language, this book can help you accelerate the learning process and put you on the right track.

Learn Farsi in 100 days is the only book you'll ever need to master Farsi language! It can be used as a self-study course - you do not need to work with a teacher. (It can also be used with a teacher).

Learn Persian For Beginners

More than 10,000 Pages to help you learn Persian, this beautiful language!

Persian For Beginners: Free Persian Study, Reading, Speaking, Grammar Lessons

Have you ever wanted to study learn Persian and you’ve never had a chance to get started? If so, this page is just for you. We provide everything you need to learn REAL Persian with over 10,000 pages of resources!

Our Persian for Beginners resources help Persian lovers to get started in learning Persian. If you are just beginning to learn Persian, the following free Persian learning resources can help you to take the first steps in becoming comfortable with the language. Here, you can get an easy introduction to Persian or just consolidate your basic knowledge with the beginner’s Persian resources.

Once you are familiar with the basics of Persian speaking, you can move to other categories such as “Persian for Intermediate” or “Advanced Persian Lessons”.

The following Persian resources are completely free to use at home or in class. There is nothing to pay, and no need to register or sign up before you use them. 


We hope you find these resources very useful for learning Persian, this beautiful language!


Persian Lessons

Persian Complete Course
A Complete Course for beginners including Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading and Writing lessons.
Persian Video Lessons
In this course you are going to learn Persian right from scratch, with our special unique program that has proved itself for years.
Persian Alphabet
Learn how to write and read in Persian (Farsi). In Persian, words are written from right to left while numbers are written from left to right.
Persian Grammar
If you just started learning Persian language, you first need to know some basic rules of the language. If Persian vocabulary is the bricks of the language, then grammar is the mortar that holds those bricks together.
Persian Vocabulary
Vocabulary is the bricks of the Persian language and therefore, learning Persian vocabulary is a very important part of learning Persian.
Persian Conversation
Persian Conversation lessons contain many useful sentences for different scenarios that are used in everyday life. These daily Persian conversations will help you better understand everyday sentences that are regularly used.

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