101 most common Persian words

When you study Persian words, you must do more than search for their meaning in a dictionary. You must also learn how to use them correctly in phrases and sentences.

This self-teaching book of 101 most common Persian words for students and travelers provides fingertip access to essential words you need to know in your daily conversation in Persian. This book will help make your work easier. It is a useful book because it provides a quick and easy way to find the most common Persian words and their actual usage. This book focuses on the words most frequently used in Persian. It is appropriate for classroom use or individual study.

The 101 words included here are arranged based on their values and importance. The synonyms, antonyms and examples listed for each of the model words will help you consider other words when expressing yourself in Persian.

with, by, togather
 متضاد: بی /bi/ ، بدون /bedune/
    مترادف: همراه /hamrâhe/ بوسیله
  توسط /tavasote/
    آنها با هم به خانه برگشتند.
They came back to home togather.
/ânhâ bâ ham be khâne bargashtand/
        دیروز با اتوبوس به دانشگاه رفتم.
I went to the university by bus yesterday.
/diruz bâ otobus be dâneshgâh raftam/
        پسر با قاشق و چنگال غذا می خورد.
The boy eats food by spoon and fork.
/pesar bâ ghâshogh va changâl ghazâ mikhorad.