10 Persian Songs to help you learn Farsi

We strongly believe that learning any language should be lots of fun, so we have prepared an exciting list of 10 Farsi Songs for you to use as part of the fun of learning Persian:

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Top 10

1- “Mikham toro” [“I want you”]

This soothing song is performed by Reza Sadeghi whose style is relaxed and elegant. Reza Sadeghi is one of the most famous singers in Iran. This song, however, is accompanied by Persian lyrics, English translation, making it a wonderful source for Farsi learners:

Watch and Listen: Mikham toro

2- “Dooset daram” [“I love you”]

Another great song by 7 Band group, presented to you in this video which offers all the goodies at once: Persian lyrics, and English Translation:

Watch and Listen: Dooset daram

3- “dele divoone” [“crazy heart”]

This song is one of the most beautiful Iranian music sung by Shadmehr Aghili. This song is very relaxing and meaningful.

Watch and Listen: Dooset daram

4- “Majnoon-e Leyli” [“Majnun of Layla”]

This is a music by Mazyar Fallahi, whose title has been inspired by the story of Layla and Majnun, a Persian poem composed in the 12th century:

Watch and Listen: Dooset daram

5- “Setareh” [“Star”]

This song was performed by Shadmehr Aghili in the 4 minutes. He is a great pop singer of Iran.

Watch and Listen: Setareh

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6- “Asheghaneh” [“Romantic”]

Farzad Farzin is one of the most famous and popular Iranian singers. This song, which is called Asheghaneh, has been sung for the final credits of the series of the same name.

Watch and Listen: Asheghaneh

7- “Bazam Betab” [“shine again”]

This is a great song by Sirvan Khosravi. Sirvan Khosravi is an Iranian singer who has a special style of singing. His music videos are meaningful, and refreshing to watch, so please check out the music video of this song:

Watch and Listen: Bazam Betab

8- “Behet Ghol Midam” [“I Promise You”]

This is quite a popular and famous music performed in recent years by the amazing singer and musician, Mohsen Yeganeh. You can also hear the audience singing along in the background:

Watch and Listen: Behet Ghol Midam

9- “Dardet Be Joonam” [“your pain for me”]

This song is performed by Ali Abdolmaleki. This song along with its English lyrics, Transliteration is, in fact, one of the best listening exercises for beginner learners.

Watch and Listen: Dardet Be Joonam

10. “Nisti” [“You are not here”]

Yas is one of the most famous rappers in Iran who is very popular. I hope you enjoy this music too.

Watch and Listen: Nisti

We hope you enjoy learning Farsi listening to these beautiful songs

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