10 Simple Everyday Tips You Can Use to Improve your Persian

I think you’ll agree with us when we say that it is difficult to find entertaining and fun strategies that you can use in your everyday life to improve your Persian-speaking skills.

So, below are some additional tips that you may not have previously considered.

Let’s get started:

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1. Find a Hobby in Persian via Youtube or Udemy

Find a topic that you really like and search for Youtube channels related to this topic in Persian. Actually, this will help you familiarize yourself with the language and make it more fun and interesting! Another could tip is to use the app in Udemy to find an interesting course in Persian.

For example, if you are interested in entrepreneurs, SEO, and personal development you can search for it on youtube in Persian.

Maybe you find an interesting channel that you cannot stop listening to. Some channels have information that you really enjoy and this greatly improves your Persian-learning capability.

These interests really drive you to improve your Persian.

2. Always read aloud

One of the main and important problems, when we want to speak another language, is confidence.

A very good solution to gaining confidence is to read books or texts in Persian aloud, in fact, this helps you build confidence by hearing your voice in another language and practicing your pronunciation.

3. Language Exchange

This one seems obvious, but you don’t know how many learners think that learning a foreign language is just studying grammar and vocabulary and this can’t be farther from the truth.

For this, you can find a language partner with who you can either speak face-to-face.

It can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. It’s fun, rewarding, and also so useful to be able to talk with someone who is also learning a language.

4. Keep a notebook with daily vocabulary

This exercise is very useful and can help you improve and expand your Persian vocabulary.

When you go out on the street please try to see if you know the Persian name of all the things that you find or not.

If you don’t know how to, for example, say «store» in Persian, you should make a note in your notebook, and later at night review and translate all the words that you didn’t know.

You need to review these words and do exercises to improve your vocabulary retention and memorization.

5. Traveling

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to travel. Look for a tourist tour in Iran.

If you can not travel, look for a friend or Persian tutor on the internet who speaks Persian.

It’s nice and interesting to travel, but just as important to have someone who can correct you and help you improve your Persian.

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6. Please find blogs and online interest groups

There are many blogs in Persian in which you can read and participate, make comments, and also you can ask for help with writing and speaking, don’t be shy. This will help you to be more confident when you write Persian.

7. Read a lot

How do you plan to write better if you don’t read in the target language?

Start with simple reading, even children’s books, and you’ll see that your comprehension improves daily.

Do not expect to see results immediately, you should have patience because at the beginning it will be difficult to understand some Persian words.

8. Sing

Sing daily, if you practice singing songs in Persian for several months your pronunciation will improve considerably.

You may not know many groups in Persian, but there are many great Persian-speaking artists of all genres, here’s a small list of some of them:

Mohsen Chavoshi, Masih & Arash Ap, Mohsen Yeganeh, Mazyar Fallahi, Sirvan Khosravi, Yas, etc.

9. Listen, listen, and listen

One of the most important and necessary principles for improving Persian skills is listening as much as possible to get accustomed to the sounds and rhythm of natural Persian conversations.

Surround yourself with Persian podcasts, audiobooks, movies, series, etc.

The mind will become accustomed to hearing Farsi words and little by little you will see that you will begin to synthesize words in Persian.

10. Copy gestures and movements

Copying gestures and movements are very useful when you start learning Persian. One of the best things you can do is to copy the movements of the lips and also pay attention to body language as a well of helping.

Please remember that most of our language is body language and it indicates a lot of what you are trying to say.

Useful Tips and tricks

1. Reward or punishment

Please choose a reward that will motivate you to achieve your goal:

«I’ll take a week off work and just laze about, doing exactly what I like to do. IF I learn this lesson…»

Or you can plan a punishment in the event of failure.

If you’re married, you can promise your wife/husband you’ll do that job around the home that you’ve been putting off (and would really hate to do…)

That should help.

2. Be patient

How to learn Persian quickly? Learning any language demands time, effort, and exposure. Every learner needs to study both grammar and vocabulary, but the longer you stick with it, the more natural and gratifying language learning will become. If you start, actually, you’re already halfway.

3. Don’t stress about grammar

Some learners just can’t get the words out because of fear of making mistakes, while others just glide along and in so doing become fluent, improving steadily as they continue practicing Persian speaking, and enjoying the language. Don’t fret. Your grammar and your Persian accent will improve with time.


  • The most important thing is to practice Persian daily and do not lose motivation.
  • Focus on finding topics that are relevant to you to make learning Persian easier.
  • Focus on making your learning fun through reading aloud, singing, and creating relationships with native Persian speakers.

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