3 Indispensable Resources to Speed Up Your Persian Learning

There are different Persian learning resources on the internet and we think it’s a wonderful thing, but it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time. In this article, we will guide you to choose the best ones.

If you had to choose five resources you shouldn’t study Persian without, these are the five great and useful ones you’d go for.

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1. A dedicated notebook

The internet has revolutionized language learning. There’s a lot of value in interactive language apps and online exercises, but please don’t forget about the basic learning methods that we’ve relied upon for hundreds of years.

Numerous experiments have shown that writing down new information by your hand is an extremely powerful tool for transferring it to your longer-term memory. A 2014 research conducted at Princeton University found that students who take notes with paper and pen remember contents much more than students who type. This research showed that the group that wrote by hand remembered big concepts especially well.

Take a tip from the science of memory, and please write out at least some of your notes the old-fashioned way. Probably you find it helpful to keep a small notepad in your pocket, for quickly writing down new Persian words that you learn on the go, whether from everyday Persian conversations or from seeing them on a language learning app. Some language learners prefer to have one large notebook with all of their new language skills in it, from, words, idioms, or hand-written contents to example sentences and lesson notes. Either way, it’s worth experimenting with notebooks in your Persian learning process. The important point is: don’t underestimate the powerful “muscle-to-mind” effect of writing out new information by hand!

2. Language exchange websites

If you want to speak Persian as fast as possible, speaking practice should be your priority from the start. Don’t worry if you don’t live near any Persian speakers, and can’t afford as much 1-on-1 tutoring as you would like, there are still some ways to get those precious hours of conversation!

Try an online language exchange app or website. Buddy up with a native Persian speaker who wants to learn your native language, and swap language skills. Spend some time chatting in Persian (so you can practice!) and some time chatting in your mother tongue (so they can practice). Maybe it takes a little time to find a balance between acting as the student and acting as the teacher, but it’s worth learning the discipline. A good language exchange can be a highly effective and fun way to learn Persian.

Language exchanges are another aspect of Persian learning that has become a lot easier since the rise of the internet!

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3. Podcasts 

As you know, there’s a podcast for nearly every interest, subject, and hobby these days. Much like on YouTube, there is a rich selection of free podcasts for learning Persian. Many of the best offer full transcripts, so you can read along with what you hear and develop your ear for Persian pronunciation.

In fact, the main advantage of learning with podcasts is that they fit into parts of your day that you can’t otherwise use for studying. Your boss probably won’t let you study Persian at work, but maybe she/he would let you plug into a podcast?! You can’t really study your Persian flashcards while you’re driving, but you can put a podcast on with no problem at all!

A brief afterword: how to learn Persian fast and easy 

As you may have guessed, the only «hack» that actually works for learning Persian fast is a lot of practice. Please remember: everyone who is an expert at something spent a lot of time being terrible at it at first! We are big fans of learning to love your mistakes and embracing them as part of the language learning process.

How do you make it feel easy? Integrate the Persian language into your daily life, and find ways to enjoy the process. Changing your phone settings to Persian, subscribing to a great Persian teacher on YouTube, and singing along to a Persian singer won’t feel as “hard” as working through a language textbook, but they’re all valid ways to pick up everyday Persian skills.

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