5 Amazing Tips To Learn Farsi

Persian is one of those languages that people seem to love it. It is said that this language is beautiful. It is also one of the most useful languages to learn. Then, why do many people put off learning it? Here are some tips to conquer it and start learning Persian now!

Persian is what’s known as a metalanguage — a language that has 110 million mother-tongue speakers in the world, and that’s just the start. Persian is the official language of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Also, relatively large populations from Bahrain and Uzbekistan speak Persian. Historically, the Persian language has been popular in India, Turkey, and China. Persian is a versatile bridge-language, too, allowing you to communicate in several countries where the primary language may be less accessible.

So what holds back many people from learning Persian? Probably a lot of it comes from the need to feel confident about it. Whether it’s confidence about learning the verbs, pronunciation, or grammar, or simply how to get started. With this in mind, we have put together some practical tips for learning Persian with confidence.

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1. Repetition is key

Repetition may seem futile, but repetition is important in learning a new language. It is repetition that transfers new information to short-term memory and then to long-term memory, and it stays in your mind. Language learning is a lot like keeping fit; if you don’t use your muscles, you’ll lose your muscles, so doing those reps is important.

We live in a time when technology has brought learning to a new level and advances like machine learning and AI can help us by reminding us of those words we have been struggling with just as we’re about to forget them. Occasionally reviewing what you have already learned has the added benefit of showing you how far you have come, too. Looking back at older content will help you to step away from the “now” and get some instant perspective on how much you have learned Persian. That can be really motivating you and will give you a chance to keep the words in your brain.

2. Priorities to Maximize

One of the most exciting things about learning the Persian language is the excitement of it. You want to learn all the Persian, and as quickly as possible! Enthusiasm is great.
Remember: You don’t have to learn it all at once. It takes a long time to learn a new language like Persian. Therefore, you should make a priority of the things that you want to learn and use in your daily life. For example, you may prefer to focus more on speaking or on listening.

3. Sentences over words

The context is very important, and language learning research has shown that learning new words in the context of a sentence that shows its meaning is more effective than learning a word on its own.
If you study with a Persian workbook, then you’ll understand why the course presents vocabulary as part of a sentence.
As soon as you learn a new Persian word, try putting it into a sentence right away and you’ll increase your chances of remembering successfully and using it effectively.

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4. Learn how to learn

Taking a rest is as important as learning. The MIT ACADEX (MIT Center for Academic Excellence) recommends studying for no longer than Fifty minutes at a time, followed by a minimum of ten minutes rest. What’s most important is how focused you are in your study time. Having a break to stretch, grabbing something to drink, and resting your eyes can make all the difference in giving your brain some much-needed time to integrate all that new language information and content and to stay focused!

5. Audios and Videos are key

Here’s the part where we’ll tell you to listen as much to the radio, film dialogue, music, audiobooks in Persian, and the like as possible. Sure, maybe you have heard it countless times before, but there’s one reason why it’s so often repeated. It works very well. Listening to Audio or watching Farsi learning videos will not only help you improve your comprehension, but they’ll also help you learn how to use the expressions.
There are loads of great Persian language audio resources out there, all it takes is a simple Google search. Also, remember to check out our YouTube Channel.

So what about listening to pronunciation?

Glad that you asked it. This is where audio becomes really important. but it needs to be high-quality audio.
For the best quality Farsi learning videos, please visit our YouTube Channel, or use our best Farsi learning course:

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