5 easy ways to learn Persian from home

Being stuck at home is a pain, but that’s no reason to give up on your dream of learning Persian. With all the online resources available for Persian students, and thousands of Persian speakers looking for virtual language exchanges, you should have no trouble at all learning Persian from home. So please plug in your headphones and let’s get started.

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1. Use a Persian learning app (great for beginners)

If you want to learn Persian from home but have never studied the language before, it’s a good idea to pick up some basic Persian vocabulary before diving into anything else. In fact, language learning apps are perfect for this. They’re free, mobile-ready. Some of them use flashcard-type methodology to teach you new words and then quiz you on them until you’re a master.

2. Listen to Persian radio

There’s nothing better than listening to hours and hours of Persian to get the sound of the language in your head. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t understand what they’re saying. (aimed at kids aged 7-12).

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3. Read a Persian newspaper

Reading is a great way to learn Persian from home if you make the effort to read a little every day. A newspaper is perfect for that. The articles aren’t too long, and you can find things about a variety of different and interesting subjects. Each day, pick an article from our website and work your way through it. Google Translate is good for when you get stuck, but try to work things out yourself first. For an easier reading challenge, try to read children’s learning books.

4. Watch Persian TV shows and movies

Beginners can turn on the subtitles in English or in their own language. If you’re more confident, watch with Persian subtitles or none at all! There’s no better way to pick up idioms than by watching Persian TV and movies. Here are a few good Iranian movies.

5. Talk to people in Persian

When you feel ready to start speaking (or text chatting) in Persian, there are tons of free language exchange apps to choose from. Speaky lets you set up an account and start chatting with whoever is online in minutes, but there are also apps like Tandem where you can search for a more permanent partner to practice your Persian with.

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