5 Fun and Easy Ways to Learn Persian

Learning Persian seems difficult. It can become frustrating and boring, particularly if you don’t feel like you are making any significant progress in Persian learning. However, to become fluent you need to use Persian daily. And if you’re traveling or on a holiday, don’t let that deter you! Here are a few fun ways to learn Persian away from the classroom.

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Fun Ways to Learn Persian at Home

1. Create a Persian Language online Book Club

There is a multitude of benefits to creating a group. Firstly, you have a group of people to hold you accountable for reading a piece of Persian literature that you might put off doing on your own. Knowing that in a few weeks’ time you’ll be with a group of people asking you some questions about what you’ve read provides great motivation! Additionally, you can meet new people, and other members can help you with words and contexts that you don’t understand.

2. Play a Game

Meet some Persian friends at online games. These games are a good way to practice and increase your Persian vocabulary and do something different with your friends too. There are dozens of other great games for learning Persian, so choose a new one each week!

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3. Find a Conversation Partner

Most cities in Iran will have at least one hostel and generally, these hostels have a communal gathering area. Please Go there and just start talking to anyone you see.

Start with ‘ چند سالتان است؟ ’ I guarantee that this one sentence will instantly open up a conversation Persian. You’ll become their best friend once they find out that you are someone who can speak Persian. This is an easy way to practice both your Persian speaking and listening skills.

4. Write To a Pen Pal

Pen pals may seem a little 20th century, but I firmly believe that they are the best way to develop your written Persian and get to know another culture. the Polyglot Club is one organization that offers a 21st-century forum where you can meet people from around the world. Just select a Persian-speaking country that interests you and away you go!

5. Organise a Movie Night

My friends like any excuse to get together. I bet yours are the same, so organize an Iranian movie night with some of your other friends who are studying Persian. Order some fast food, pop some popcorn and let the movie roll.

The main benefit here is that everything you hear is exactly how it is in reality. It’s fast-paced, with realistic native accents, and a laid-back way to immerse yourself in the Persian language. My top tip for how to learn Persian by watching movies is to start watching Iranian movies that you’ve already seen before so that you can concentrate more on the language and less on following the plot.

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