5 Great Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Persian Learning

Maybe one of the most common questions you ask is: «What’s the best way to learn Persian?» Or, another variation: «What language hacks will teach me how to speak Persian with ease?»

Well, we are going to teach you just that.

We’d like to share 5 steps to help you learn how to speak Persian.

This is the language hacker’s approach to learning Persian, so give these steps a try and you’ll be speaking Persian faster than you ever thought possible.

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1. Find Your “Big Why” for Learning Persian

Even before you think about which materials to study, or your method for learning Persian, you need to take a step back and understand your underlying reason for wanting to speak Persian.

This is your Big Why.

Everyone has their own reasons for learning a language. Some people learn a language for work, for education, or to make new friends, etc.
What is your reason for learning Persian?
Tell us in the comments section.

Here are some reasons for learning Persian that could be your “Big Why”:

Find your “Big Why” and you’ll discover that learning Persian becomes a challenge you’ll love.

2. Create a Mini-Iran in Your Home 

You don’t need to live in Iran to immerse yourself in the Persian language. There are many ways to plunge yourself headfirst into Persian wherever you live.

Here are a few of our top ways to bring Iran to your hometown:

  • Make your mobile multilingual. Why not turn your mobile into a Persian-only system?
  • Find Persian speakers in your city. Believe it or not, there are many communities of Persian speakers around the world. Maybe you are near one and do not even realize it! (If you can’t find speakers near you, you can turn to online Persian tutors on our site!)
  • Watch Persian series and movies. Please force yourself to focus by watching without subtitles.
  • Read articles and books in Persian. Please click here to check out our books.
  • Listen to Persian music and podcasts. Our suggestion is PersianPod101.

3. Use Language Hacks to Learn Persian Fast

Actually, language hacks are shortcuts that help you learn a language faster.

Here are a few of our favorite language hacks that can help you learn Persian fast:

  • Use Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS). We believe that SRS is a great method for memorizing vocabulary and phrases. It’s probably the most effective hack you can use to pick up new Persian vocabulary.
  • Use mnemonics. Mnemonics help you create associations to easily recall Persian words. The key to mnemonics? You should use your imagination.
  • Focus your study on the Pomodoro Technique. In fact, this technique allows you to break up your study sessions into smaller chunks of time resulting in better focus and a more effective and efficient learning experience.

4. Use “Conversational Connectors”

Like most languages, Persian uses a set of call-and-response phrases that it calls conversational connectors. These are crucial to daily conversations, but they aren’t usually found in phrasebooks.

They’re a great technique for sounding more like a native Persian speaker, for giving yourself time to recall vocabulary, and for removing the awkwardness from conversations.

Here’s an example of how they work.

When someone asks you «How is your hotel room?» instead of answering with «um … good», which pretty much ends things right on the spot, you might add expressions and phrases to create a more organic feel to what you are saying.

You can say: «Truth be told, that is a good question. The hotel room is great. Thanks for asking. How is your hotel room?»

Exactly this is the same answer with conversational connectors added in.

Conversational connectors are extremely helpful because you can use them in different situations such as sharing your opinion, agreeing with someone, or changing the subject.

Here are a few examples in Persian:

  • راستشو بخوای – “To tell the truth”
  • به نظر من – “In my opinion”
  • برای مثال – “For example”
  • رستی – “By the way”

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5. Find Native Persian Speakers and Speak from Day One

To improve your Persian quickly, you must speak from the very first day you start learning Persian.

This Speak from Day One approach is the fastest and most efficient way to learn Persian – especially if you speak with native Persian speakers.

No matter where you live you can still find people, either online or offline, to speak with in Persian. You can connect with Persian speakers by:

  • Browsing Preply. Preply can be a place to find native Persian speakers. The prices are reasonable and also you can meet in the comfort of your own home. Plus, Preply has a nice selection of tutors that can help you learn Persian.
  • Install the HelloTalk app on your smartphone. This useful language-learning app helps you connect with other learners around the world and is a great place to practice speaking Persian.

The best way to begin speaking from day one is simply learning how to say «Hello»! A few Persian greetings you can use:

  • “Hello” – سلام
  • “Good day” – خداحافظ
  • “How are you?” – چطوری؟

Great Additional Tips:

A. Focus on the Easy Parts of the Persian language

When learning Persian, the trick is to focus on those parts of Persian that are easy to pick up.

Persian is an easy language to learn.

Several parts of Persian grammar are the same as in English. Also, they have almost the same intonation. There are words that came from Persian to English literature and there are also words that came from English to Persian.

B. Activate Your Passive Memory

The important key to learning Persian is to use your passive memory.

Are you a visual learner? Reading an interesting article or book in Persian will help you remember the right orthography, and use of tenses, verbs, and vocabulary. Don’t focus too much on understanding everything, just pick a Persian book suitable for your level. You can simply translate the most repeated Persian words and soon you’ll integrate them into your vocabulary. Also, the context will help you figure out the rest!

The same goes for watching series, films, or YouTube videos in Persian. Not only it will help auditory language learners to get the grammar right, but you’ll also pick up on the right intonation and accent. Once again, it’s advisable to watch suitable videos for your Persian level, without English subtitles (you can use Persian subtitles though). Your focus should stay on Persian!

If you integrate this habit into your daily life, you’ll probably surprise by using the right verbs, tenses, and intonation without putting in conscious effort. Are you skeptical? This is actually the way kids learn their first languages — and nobody’s been teaching them language grammar rules.

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