5 Strategies to Improve your Persian Vocabulary

Vocabulary is an important and integral part of any language. It’s almost impossible to communicate properly if you lack a substantial amount of words. If you don’t have enough Persian vocabulary you won’t be able to refer to other things, actions, or events when you want to.

Of course, there are some methods that can help you improve your Persian vocabulary and none of them are actually focused on reading a dictionary and learning every word by heart.

Today we’re going to tell you 5 strategies to improve your Persian vocabulary while doing something you can enjoy!

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1. Learn Persian Vocabulary While Reading

This one is pretty obvious. Reading is probably the best way to acquire new Persian vocabulary. First of all, you should choose an area of interest that can help you enjoy what you’re reading. Maybe you’re interested in science fiction, technology, movie, love stories, sport, music, or history. Once you’ve thought of something you enjoy learning about, please select the format you think will suit you best:

Don’t look in the dictionary for every Persian word you don’t get at first. Please try to get a definition from context and then check if you are right by looking it up. Underlining and taking notes can also help you memorize the words.

2. Crosswords help you discover new Persian words

With the arrival of technology, these good old-school games have been forgotten. This is very sad knowing they’re a good source of new vocabulary. A crossword is a fun and enjoyable way to learn new words, while you’re figuring out one word you’ll get hints for the other ones.

And actually, the best of all is that they come with the definition already! You can compare them to the ones you find in your Persian dictionary as well!

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3. Watch Persian programs with subtitles

This is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary in Persian. Watching movies, cartoons, video clips, documentaries, everything with Persian subtitles will allow you to see the written form of the word and listen to its pronunciation at the same time.

You’ll also get some context that will help you guess the meaning of the Persian word. Leave your mother tongue subtitles in the past and start receiving all the information in Persian!

4. Play online games

You may think this option is only for children, but we’re afraid to tell you that’s completely wrong. In fact, games have proven to be powerful educational tools that can help people learn valuable things from almost any field you can think of.

There are several online games specifically designed for people to learn new vocabulary in different areas of the language. Furthermore, there are some complete websites devoted to the creation of educational and academic games.

5. Lookup for synonyms/words related

This is a nice way to link new words to others you already know. Once you’ve learned a new Persian word you can look for synonyms and take notes. Please practice the new words and adding them in some sentences so you can memorize them easily.

You can link new Persian words to other words that aren’t synonyms. For example, you can choose an area you like to learn more about and write other words related to it. For instance, پخت وپز “cooking” and then lookup for different words related to cooking and kitchen items.

Some people like to put sticky notes on different objects of their home so they can read them each time they use them or see them and memorize the names easily!

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