5 things to do to improve your Persian

Do you want to know how to speak Persian more fluently? Do you lack confidence in your spoken Persian? In this comprehensive guide to fluent Persian, we provide 5 tips to help you improve your language skills and speak Persian better each day by adopting the right approaches and creating a suitable learning environment.

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1. Exercise

Learning a new language is like going to the gym. Your muscles are strengthened only if you practice all day. It’s the same with learning a language: practice makes perfect.

Tip: dedicate 15 minutes of your time to Persian every day. Please listen to music or a podcast, read a book, watch short movies on the internet, or meet up with native Persian speakers for a language exchange.

2. Set time aside for your Persian each day and make it a priority

Any time you spend on your Persian should be seen as an investment in your future fluency. We believe many small steps will help you travel a long distance over time. Having a clear idea of exactly why you need Persian and what you will gain as a result of being fluent is important in order to see it as a priority in your busy life. The amount of time you choose to invest in your Persian is up to you, but this should be a regular commitment and it will directly affect the speed at which you gain fluency.

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3. Not just words

Beginner learners may feel most comfortable when they listen to single words and repeat them, as kids do when they are shown flashcards. But this is less useful for adult learners, who will want to sound confident and fluent when talking to native Persian speakers. If you learn ‘chunks’ of language or phrases, it will be easier to create sentences and sound natural when speaking Persian.

4. Actively introduce more English into your daily routine

Make a conscious effort to inject more Persian into your typical day. Try the following: read the news article on your mobile while you’re having breakfast each morning, listen to a Persian audiobook or radio station on your way to work, do a 10-word vocabulary test during your lunch break using a mobile app, write an email to a Persian colleague or friend, watch a 5-minute Youtube video from a learning Persian channel, study a little grammar from a textbook some evenings, attend a Skype Persian class a couple of times a week, organize a Persian film night at home once a month with a friend, etc.

5. Involve others

There is nothing better than involving your family and friends in your language learning process. Actually, you need moral support in this new challenge: the more, the merrier. When you show your family or friends what you have learned, they will be impressed.

Tip: take a video selfie introducing yourself, your family, and/or friends in Persian. Do that every week, and after a month you can watch the videos again to see how much your Persian has improved.

Other Tips:

1. Write your “to-do” list in Persian

You quickly will memorize many essential, high-frequency Persian expressions, such as going grocery shopping list. Please use full sentences that include «verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs» whenever possible.

2. Surf YouTube

Type the common Persian words and Persian numbers for a broad category of interest, such as technology. Start with easy content. A short time like 5 or 10 minutes every day. Watch the same video or the news in Persian many times, not only one time. Also, speak along with the audio to get results fast, don’t just listen passively.

3. Read aloud

Look up a topic in English on Wikipedia and then read a piece on the same subject in Persian. Choose a book by a favorite author that’s available in English and Persian. Choose a topic you are familiar with in English and then read an article with the same subject in Persian on the internet. Proverbs, idioms, and quotes, work too. Please read aloud to get the best results.

4. Build your vocabulary

How to learn Persian words? Collect all the new Persian words you learn in a handy notebook. Highlight every word you look up in your Persian-English dictionary. As you look up future words, the previously highlighted ones will pop up at you and you can read them again.

5. Listen and repeat

Fill your ears with Persian audiobooks, Persian music (lyrics often available online), and Persian radio. Learn Persian audio. Initially, comprehension may be a blur and you can’t understand well, but if you stick to it, you’ll start to isolate words, then Persian phrases, then themes. Always repeat what you hear, don’t just listen passively.

6. Observe and imitate

Whether you see native Persian speakers in person, on videos, or in movies, imitate their accent and gestures. you should pronounce vowels the way they do. Mimic their intonation. it’s good that you use your hands and body the way they do. Be Iranian!

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