5 Tips for Mastering Persian language This Summer

From cultural motivations to economic factors, learning a second (or third, or fourth) language comes with countless benefits.
Follow these steps and you should be able to set out on the right path for mastering Persian.

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1. Read, read, read

Reading online Persian news or magazine is one of the best methods for picking up new Persian vocabulary and reinforcing your grasp of already-learned vocabulary. As well as increasing your feelings of the structure of the Persian language and the use of different lexis, it will provide you with a culturally interesting experience by reading around the current affairs of the country; something which is an integral part of new language learning.

2. Grab some flashcards

One study of Japanese students learning the English language found that encountering a word 10 times in context helped learners learn it—but the researcher noted that, maybe more than 10 repetitions needed to fully understand the word. Get a jump on your Persian vocabulary by making a set of flashcards and looking at them regularly.

Top tips:

3. Make sure to listen

A study from the University of New Zealand found that regular exposure to the sound of a new foreign language (regardless of whether you understand the words) helps you learn that language. Actually, listening to native speech can help familiarize you with the new sound patterns of the language you are learning. So even if the plot goes over your head, tune in to a Persian movie or listen to music.

4. Phone a friend

Having a friend who is like-minded in your motivation to master the Persian language can be a great opportunity to improve both yours and his/her grasp. To begin with, an hour of conversation a day, slowly Increase it to two hours, then three hours and so forth will gradually accustom your brain to switching into Persian and getting your head around Persian grammar, vocabulary, and sounds. Better still, if you have a friend or family member who can fluently speak your respective language, it’s a nice opportunity. Take advantage of this!

5. Download an app

If you want to become a language master, you need to practice every day. Several apps (many of them free!) offer vocabulary lessons that you can access on the go, so standing at the bus station or sitting around in a waiting room can become an educational experience.

How to learn Farsi more effectively?

You should set more efficient targets than “I will become fluent”

In learning a language, there is so much emphasis on “becoming fluent,” but when you are taking the first steps on your journey to learning Persian, is this a helpful goal? Probably not.

Fixating fluency suggests that there is an endpoint to learning Persian, a point that is always out of reach. The fact is that everyone who speaks any language at all is still learning. Research has shown that most people continue to learn an extra word in their mother tongue every day until middle age.

We think that if you set targets relevant to your individual context, you will learn faster. In fact, better targets are ones that allow you to track your progress in relation to your own life. Actually, they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound, or «SMART». These are some good examples:

  • Within 6 months, I want to be able to speak Persian with my business partners and email them in Persian quickly without using a dictionary.
  • Within 3 months, I want to be able to make small talk on common and simple topics (weather, tourism, sports, etc.) with native Persian speakers.

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