5 Tips for Teaching Persian to Complete Beginners (Part 2)

The Persian language may not be the most spoken language in the world but it is one the most beautiful language in the world and it’s the official language in three countries which makes it relatively important, learning-wise at least.

Being a Persian teacher is a rewarding career choice. However, it is also a challenge to teach Persian effectively. We think, teaching a new language requires a teacher to first make their students realize the primary aim of learning the language.

Here are a few tips for teachers to teach Persian effectively.

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1. Give them lots of time to practice

In beginner learners’ classes, you cannot expect your students to get it immediately. Actually, you need to provide lots of examples, also check for understanding, and then ensure that your class has enough time to practice what you’ve just taught them.

When teaching beginners Persian, this usually means drilling the students (making them listen and repeat the language structure again and again after you) and then having them practice it individually or with other students. Please let them know that it’s okay to mess up during practice time so they don’t feel pressured to be perfect on their first try.

2. Make short stories a part of the class

Young learners usually find narrating and listening to stories interesting. Use this as a teaching tool. You can make short stories a part of your class by encouraging your students to narrate stories in Persian. In fact, this helps them improve their communication skills. Also, this helps you to assess your students’ interactive skills and helps them improve. This helps the learners improve their thinking ability.

3. Show, don’t tell

One of the steps to teaching Persian to beginners is to show, not tell, in the classroom. Learners will better understand what you’re trying to say if you use visual cues rather than spill a lot of words in their direction.

What does this mean exactly? Instead of saying, “Let’s learn the passive tense” You can teach basic Persian by giving clear examples of the Persian language structure with simple drawings, pictures, short skits, and exaggerated gestures.

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4. Explore technology and other teaching tools

With the advancement in technology, many amazing tools for teaching have also been developed. Explore the use of technology in the classroom and find new ways of teaching Persian to your students. There are many useful apps for learners that help them learn and use Persian effectively.

5. Always use positive reinforcement

Here’s another one of the steps to teach Persian to beginners. If someone gives an incorrect answer, please don’t tell, “You’re wrong!”. You shouldn’t embarrass a student in front of the entire classroom. You’ll scar him or her for life and he or she will hate Persian forever because of you. Instead, try to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the classroom by praising your students often, even when they make mistakes.

For instance, when doing Persian teaching for beginners, if they get the word right but just mispronounce it, say something like, “Okay, good!” and then repeat the word with the right pronunciation so that you don’t shame that student and the rest of the class get to hear the right way to say it.

Top Tips:

A) Dramas to engage and inspire

Dramas and plays are great methods to engage learners in interactive learning. Ask your learners to perform a play based on any story from their prescribed textbook. Please let this be a group task where students get to decide their characters in the play and prepare dialogues suitable to the scenes in the play. This way, students learn how to make a script, how to act it out, and how to organize the play. Also, this helps them improve their language skills.

B) Don’t be boring

Persian teaching for beginners doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. Instead, you should use lots of games to encourage your students to practice and produce the language you’ve taught. Also, incorporate your students’ interests so they want to learn the language!

Also, nothing’s duller than making learners read from the textbook and fill in lame worksheets with lots of text and zero images. The sky’s the limit regarding how to teach basic Persian: trawl the internet for awesome ideas that will keep your learners engaged throughout the lesson.

C) Use Persian as the medium for communication

Students learn Persian best when they use it in their daily communication, ask your students to use Persian as the medium for communication. Use new Persian words in your conversation with the students so that they know the words and their usage. Allow students to make mistakes but ask them to continue with the Persian language as the medium for communication. Observe and correct your students’ usage of words and please help them improve their language usage skills.

Do you find the above tips useful? What challenges have you faced as a Persian teacher? And how did you overcome them? Please share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section below!

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