50 Interesting Facts about Iran

There are a lot of Interesting Facts about Iran, and it was hard to choose which ones should be included in the list below. Not only is it amazingly beautiful, but it has a long and interesting history as well. I have tried to cover a full range of facts including facts about geography, art, the population, language, economy, etc.
I hope you enjoy them!

1. The earliest archaeological findings from Persia date to the Paleolithic era, 100,000 years ago. By 5000 BCE, Persia hosted sophisticated agriculture and early cities.

2. Iran is the world’s oldest continuous major civilization, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 4000 BC.

3. The region now called Iran was occupied by the Medes and the Persians in the 1500s B.C. until the Persian king Cyrus the Great overthrew the Medes and became ruler of the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire, which reached from the Indus to the Nile at its zenith in 525 B.C.

4. In Persian language, the word Iran means “Land of the Aryans.”

5. The official name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran. It became an Islamic republic since the Pahlavi monarchy was overthrown on Feb. 11, 1979.

6. The former name of Iran was Persia, which was in use till 1935.

7. Persian is the official language of Iran; it is used for educational, administrative and business purposes. Many local languages such as Azeri, Kurdish, Arabic and Armenian are also spoken in the country.

8. Persian (Farsi) is still spoken in Tajikestan and Afghanistan. It was the official court language of India for 200 years.

9. Iran is a big country. It is the 18th largest country in the world, with a total of 1,648,195 Sq km. It is three times the size of Arizona.

10. Iran is divided into thirty one provinces that are further divided into counties, and subdivided into districts and sub-districts. The provinces are governed by their respective governors.


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