8 easy tricks for improving your Persian skills

As you work to improve your Persian skills, it’s always helpful to have some tricks and tips to help you stay motivated. With that in mind, we’ve prepared these eight simple tips to help you on your quest…

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1. Set yourself small goals

Learning Persian is a long process, and it may take years to progress from one level to the next. That’s why it’s so important to set yourself achievable goals. At Learn Persian Online, our teachers can help you to learn Persian well.

2. Create a study schedule

Please ensure this schedule works around your daily responsibilities and make sure to keep it simple! Try breaking up your Persian language learning over the course of an entire day, which may make it feel less daunting.

3. Practice a little bit every day

Even if it’s listening to a Persian podcast during your commute or practicing your favorite words while having your breakfast — every little bit of practice helps!

4. Discover what type of learner you are: Visual, auditory

Use this as a basis for how you spend time studying Persian. For example, a visual learner may benefit from flashcards, while auditory learning may benefit from watching a movie in Persian.

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5. Turn on music in Persian

Rhymes and rhythms have been found to stimulate the brain and improve learning. In fact, music can be an invaluable tool when learning Persian, as it helps with pronunciation, word boundaries, and vocabulary.

6. Watch movies with Persian dialogue

Movies are a great source of Persian conversation and vocabulary. Furthermore, the visual nature of film allows you to experience nonverbal context too, such as facial expressions and hand gestures, accompanying and contextualizing the film’s dialogue. Above all, watching a film is a fun and motivational way to develop Persian language skills.

7. Learn new Persian vocabulary with flashcards

While this may be the oldest learning trick in the book, students around the world use flashcards because they work! Use our daily Instagram posts to get some inspiration for your flashcards.

8. Track your progress

If you want to gain a sense of accomplishment, it’s important to know where you’ve started.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that not every language learning trick will work for you. So, if you find that chatting with native-Persian speakers helps you progress faster but you’re not always able to converse with them face-to-face, spend more of your time communicating with them online.

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