Baba Taher (Iranian poet)

Baba Taher known as Baba Taher Oryan, a mystic, was an 11th century Persian poet of Iran. Baba was a nickname given to pious followers and Oryan means cut off from worldly belongings. The Lor ethnicity attributes the title of Baba to the elders and the one who invites to the truth.

From Baba Taher, in addition to his famous couplets, a collection of short words in Arabic called “Esharat” has been left. The following couplet is one of Baba Taher’s memorable poems:

I complain from the eyes and the heart because whatever the eye sees, the heart wants it
I make a dagger with a blade of steel and hit my own eyes to free my heart from worldly belongings

Baba Taher passed away in Hamedan after 85 years of life. His mausoleum, which is in the city of Hamedan, is in the north of the city and in a large square, and this square is named after him. Baba Taher mausoleum has attracted many tourists.

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The content of Baba Taher poems

Content of poems

Baba Taher loved God, nature, and human, and wrote most of his poems in this context. Therefore, he often talks about the beautiful mountains, plains, and rivers of Iran, the good behavior and morals, and the praise of God. In most of his poems, advice to the future can be seen. Baba Taher advises human beings to value life.

Mausoleum architecture

Baba Taher mausoleum is located on a small hill in the northwest of Hamedan.
The old mausoleum building, which dates back to before the eighth century, had an octagonal brick tower, but the tower gradually deteriorated and in the early fourteenth century it was just a simple building. At the end of Reza Shah’s period, Hamedan Municipality built a simple building with a brick dome instead, and in 1950-1952, it was modified and changed. Finally, in 1967, the National Monuments Association decided to rebuild the mausoleum and its construction was completed in 1970. This building, which is inspired by the ancient mausoleum, has an octagonal tower 20 meters high.

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