Darband is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the north of Tehran. Darband is an excellent area with a pleasant climate, where the residents of Tehran take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy its stunning scenery and delicious food in its restaurants; Citizens of Tehran can climb and enjoy the pleasant weather and scenic environment of Darband without the need to distance themselves from Tehran. Many climbers start their journey from Darband to climb the Tochal peak.

Usually, everyone’s first suggestion for a Picnic in the capital is the Darband of Tehran. It is true that Tehran is full of various sights and attractions, but this area is really beautiful and pleasant with a combination of the nature of Tehran foothills along with traditional restaurants and resorts. every year many people pass through this beautiful and spectacular road, reaching the Tochal peak and other high peaks. In most of the various polls conducted, the people of Tehran in this first choice to receive foreign guests, suggest this area. The environment in this area is good both for families and for nature lovers and friendly groups.

Iran’s spectacular attractions:


Milad Tower

Golestan Palace

Naghshe Jahan

History of Darband

Darband was a very old village north of Saadabad Palace before it became a commercial area. This neighborhood dates back to 200 years ago and a part of it called Shater Garden belongs to 100 years ago. Due to the excellent position of this region in the past, it has been considered by many people and officials since then, and many rich people and kings in this region have built private residences for summer recreation.
This issue caused this neighborhood to be considered and palaces like Saadabad were built next to it. Of course, Darband has been prosperous since the Qajar rule. Meanwhile, in the past, this area was divided into neighborhoods called Morgh Mahalle, Kenar Mahalle, Kolagh Par, Shah Mahalle, and Torsh Mahalle, which formed the Darband neighborhood.

Facilities and recreational attractions of Darband


One of the exciting entertainments that was created about 40 years ago in the recreational area of ​​Darband is Telecabin, which tourists can use to reach the heights of Darband. How the construction of the trap began goes back to the fact that at first the people of the PasGhaleh village and climbers in the foothills of northern Tehran needed a device to use to travel to the village and mountain routes. However, after a while, this device became one of the recreational facilities for tourists, and with it, travelers reached the top of this mountainous area, and in the distance, they also saw a spectacular and mountainous view.

Darband Mountain, the most famous natural attraction in the north of Tehran

The most famous pastime in this region is mountaineering, which can be much more attractive due to the winding path of this mountainous region. There are various restaurants and exciting food in every part of Darband Mountain in Tehran, where you can create happy moments for yourself and your companions. The mountaineering route in front of you is accessible in two ways. Either you can reach Sarband Square, which is the starting point of this neighborhood, and continue your way from there, or you can take the Telecabin route and choose this route to reach the peak, which is in the middle of the village. Then it reaches the castle and then the twin waterfall and the shelter of Shirpala, and at the end, it ends at the Tochal peak.

Climber statue

One of the most famous parts of the Darband region of Tehran is the 3-meter mountaineering statue which is located in Sarband Square, this statue is a very suitable subject for tourists to take a souvenir photo next to it. About 50 years ago, a 3-meter mountaineering statue was installed in Sarband Square and became a symbol of Tehran and mountaineering. This statue was erected in honor of one of the most efficient special forces of the Iranian army who saved the lives of foreign climbers.

In fact, it was the winter of 49 years ago when an American plane crashed in the mountains north of Tehran. A German paratrooper is sent to Darband to save the Americans, but he too gets stuck on the cliff and hangs. At that time, one of the most efficient special forces of the Iranian army, Master of Mountaineering, Sergeant Amir Shah Ghadami; This group is selected to save the life. He heroically saves the whole group and at that time he received a medal of bravery from the then President of the United States (John F. Kennedy) and he was praised by the then government of Iran and after this brave operation, they made a statue of him. After 48 years, this statue is still located in Darband Square in Tehran.
Next to this beautiful statue, the mountainous environment, restaurants, and small and large stalls, Imamzadeh Ibrahim and the famous sleigh, the Dogholu waterfall, and Shirpala refuge on the way to the peak of Tochal are other attractions and spectacular of this neighborhood

Sled of Darband

Darband Sled is one of the recreational places in this neighborhood, which is a little further away from the other attractions. In Darband Sled, you can sled on the mountains of Darband and see a beautiful view of the north of Tehran. Tehran’s sledding environment is family and it has advanced and interesting facilities such as an electric car, flight cinema, various sports fields, horror safari, and many other things. Tehran sleigh cars travel a distance of 850 meters at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

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