Easy and Fast Ways to Learn Persian

You might have heard that Persian is not a difficult language to learn. If you compare it to “complex” languages such as German, you might be right! But if you’re trying to learn Persian quickly in time for a holiday, a business meeting, or if you’re just a bit impatient, we’ve prepared some tips on the easiest and the fastest way to learn Persian.

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The Fastest Way to Learn Persian: 7 Steps to Success

The fastest way to learn Persian doesn’t need to be the hard way, and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. It’s all about streamlining your methods and strategies. To help you out, we’ve prepared a handy list of tips for speeding up your language learning. These 7 steps will help you to find the fastest and easiest way to learn Persian, without compromising your skills.

1. Build your vocabulary

If you can learn just 30% or 40% of the Persian vocabulary, maybe you’ll be able to get by in 70% or 80% of situations. There’s no need to spend ages memorizing the entire Persian dictionary. That’s definitely not the fastest way to learn Persian! Instead, it’s better to learn the most frequently used Persian words, which will allow you to understand the majority of everyday conversations.

We suggest you learn the keywords you need for the situation you’ll be in. And don’t get bogged down by Persian vocabulary you won’t use! This is a great and useful way to streamline your learning and achieve your goals faster.

Focusing on the most useful vocabulary for your goals is also important to speed up your Persian learning. If you are learning Persian for business, you might not need to know how to ask for 3 cakes. But if you’re going on holiday, you probably won’t need to memorize specialized economic vocabulary! Please make sure you are learning the key vocabulary for specific purposes by keeping your goals in mind.

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2. Integrate the Persian language into your life

This means that it’s easy to slot your Persian learning into your life. Add it into a break from work, memorize vocabulary before lunch review it while you are on the bus, or include it in your bedtime routine. It’s as simple as that!

A great way to integrate Persian into your daily life is to add it in places you won’t even notice. Following Persian accounts on social media, watching films and series in Persian, and listening to Persian music are some easy ways to learn Persian quickly, without changing your daily habits. And let’s be honest, we’re all doing a lot of these things every day anyway!

Following Persian accounts on social media is a great way to learn Persian fast without changing your daily routine.

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3. Organize your learning

Ok, this one doesn’t sound as fun as checking out Persian Instagrammers or watching a Persian movie, but it’s worth it, we promise! Establishing good organization will speed up your language learning process, and keep you motivated. Please try these tips for finding your pace:

Organize your language learning into days. On Monday I’ll study my Persian flashcards for 10 minutes, on Tuesday I’ll watch a Persian film, on Wednesday… well, you get the idea. Not only will this help you to remember to practice every day, but it will actually make it easier to keep track of your progress.

Please set long-term and short-term goals and write them down! In the next three months, I want to learn Persian to get by on holiday. In the next week, I want to learn the basics of Persian vocabulary and watch one film in Persian. Setting goals will keep you motivated, and if you write them down it will keep you accountable.

Schedule Persian into your day. This could be as simple as planning to scroll through Persian texts before bed, or reviewing vocabulary before your lunch break. Setting aside time for specific activities will help you learn Persian much faster.

4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Every learner who has ever learned a language has made a thousand mistakes. It’s inevitable.
The only way you will get good at speaking Persian is by using it, getting it wrong, and then trying again and again and again until you get it right. exactly as awful as it feels when you think you’ve made a fool out of yourself by saying something wrong, the feeling of joy when you say something and you’re understood is unparalleled and unique.

5. Tune your ear into the Persian language

Finally, the thing that every learner dread is not understanding what is being said back to them. And of course, the first few times you speak Persian to somebody, the odds are you won’t understand even one word of what they say to you. But actually, that’s normal and you shouldn’t panic.
The more you practice, the more you’ll understand Persian. At first, it will sound like whomever you’re speaking to is talking very fast, but the more Persian words you know, the slower it will sound.
There are plenty of ways that you can get used to the Persian language and tune your ear to the intonation. One amazing and useful resource is YouTube. Just by passively listening to Persian videos or songs, you will be amazed at how much you pick up. Just a few minutes each day of listening to something in Persian will do wonders.
As well as YouTube, you can listen to Persian audiobooks.

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