Great Tips to Make Persian Learning Easier for You

This article has set out some useful strategies for more effective Persian study time, and some insights on which tips we think are most helpful.

Despite a lot of websites claiming otherwise, there’s no easy “hack” for gaining Persian fluency in a week or two. Getting great at speaking any new foreign language is a serious time investment! However, put these tips into practice, and you’re sure to see the best possible results for your effort.

How can I be successful in studying Persian?

As you know, the most important determiner of your success is consistency. it’s obvious that the more frequently you practice, the more successful you’ll be. Also, nothing is better than one-on-one interaction when it comes to developing language skills: if you want to be more successful, find some Persian-speaking friends to chat with!

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1. Use what you know as soon as possible

There’s a common expression In English: «Use it or lose it». It applies to any skill that disappears when not put into practice but is especially relevant for learning a foreign language.

When you learn a new set of vocabulary or Persian grammar rules, it is important to use them as soon as you can. This can mean using new Persian vocabulary in conversation, or even just hearing them said in a different context, for example, by following along to a podcast on a related topic. In fact, if you wait too long, then any new knowledge will be forgotten, and you will have to learn it all over again the next time it comes up.

The best tip we have for being able to use what you know, of course, is to use it in a real conversation with a native Persian speaker — such as one of our tutors.

2. Tie Persian to your passions

Generally, when you enjoy learning something, it enters your memory far more easily. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and integrate learning Persian into something you already love doing in your free time.

If you love cooking, for example, try making food from Persian-language recipe books or watching cooking shows in Persian. If you like to read stories, try reading children’s books in Persian.

Learning words and Persian expressions related to things you care about is far more fun than only following a textbook. Actually, it will also feel less like studying, which makes you more likely to stay with it.

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3. Study little and often

If you’re learning Persian around a full-time job, it can be tempting to skip learning Persian during the week and dedicate long, hard hours to studying on the weekend. However, researches and studies show that concentrating for long periods of time isn’t an effective way to learn.

In order to make your learnings stick, you must focus. Maybe now your question is: but how long can a person really concentrate? Psychologists disagree. One recent research showed it is most efficient to focus for only 52 minutes before a rest, others believe that only 25 minutes is better.

Anyway, it is generally agreed that short, concentrated bursts of study with regular breaks help you learn the language faster than long stretches at the desk. As a methodology expert said, effective learners, get into a habit of studying regularly, a little bit at a time. For best results, commit to learning a tiny bit more Persian every day, even if only for half an hour.

4. Travel

The most fun and the most effective tip of them all! If you have the time and money, plan a trip to Iran.

With a holiday on the calendar, you’ll have a firm goal to work towards. You’ll have no choice but to practice Persian 24/7, and will hopefully come back with some good memories, as well as improved Persian skills.

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