How to Learn Persian in 5 Steps

Iran is an awesome country. Whether you’re visiting it or you plan to move there, you should definitely learn some Persian before you do either. But, how can you learn Persian? Do you have to join a class? Can you learn it on your own? These 5 steps will reveal the great way to learn Persian and reach fluency that’s tailored to your needs.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Persian?

We are sorry to disappoint, but there’s no exact number for how long it takes to learn a language. It’s not a science, it’s an art. It depends on what your mother tongue is, what language learning methods you use, and, frankly, what kind of learner you are.

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1. Sing Persian Songs

There are a lot of Persian songs that you can listen to. If you like pop, Persian has you covered on that too. Whatever music genre you choose, we promise you, singing it will get you to Persian fluency faster. That’s because you inadvertently speak and practice your Persian every day with music.

2. Bring Persian to You With Post-Its

If you’re a forgetful learner, post-it notes are a lifesaver. But, you can use them for more than just writing down your shopping list or to-do list. Write common Persian vocabulary on them and stick them to your everyday items. You’re bound to come face-to-face with your Persian vocabulary and then you’re reminded of the word, as well as the fact that you need to study. Persian for beginners becomes a lot easier and much more colorful.

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3. Make Persian Friends

Persian people are awesome. And if you learn Persian, you have a great way to break the ice when you first meet them. If you have a Persian friend you can practice with, your motivation to learn and your accent will all become better. So, it’s really worth learning Persian to make friends. And friends make it worth learning Persian. That’s some incredible win-win.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

The fact is: a lot of language learners are afraid to make mistakes. Generally, Fearing embarrassment, offense, or messing up only limits you. Please don’t let language learning anxiety limit you. The more you worry about meaningless hiccups, the longer it will be until you be successful in learning Persian.

Learning a new language and stumbling as you’re learning that language is nothing to be embarrassed about. If anything, you should be proud. You’re learning a foreign language! That’s amazing! And making mistakes is how you learn and it’s normal. So, really, mistakes help you learn Persian.

The most important thing is that you correct your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

5. Use the Best App to Learn Persian

If you follow these steps, it will help you to reach Persian fluency. But also, you can make your life a little easier and download an app that does it for you.

Today, there are several apps for learning Persian that you can use in your Persian learning path.

List of useful Persian apps.

Useful Tips:

A. Don’t be afraid to speak Persian

Students sometimes are afraid to speak Persian because they’ve studied the grammar so much but haven’t really tried applying it to speech. The fact is, there is so much grammar to remember that you’re not going to be able to just read it, take it in and speak fluent Persian. But that doesn’t matter. If you speak and make mistakes a Persian person will understand you, and they won’t criticize or get annoyed just because of a few mistakes. Think of how foreigners speak your native language. Is it perfect? Of course not, but you’re pleased that they’re speaking your native language rather than just speaking their own and assuming that you’ll understand. Actually, the only way to speak without making any mistakes, is to keep making mistakes until you get the hang of it. Speaking English will not help your Persian to improve.

B. Watch kids TV and read children books

In a language that contains important grammar, it’s important and necessary to try to recognize how it is used in context. By reading Persian children’s books you will improve your language skills immensely. The language in them is nowhere near as difficult as say, in a newspaper or magazine, but it’s something new, something other than the pieces of text in your Persian textbook, something real. But of course, you can’t just focus on your Persian reading skills
Watching TV will improve your Persian listening skills dramatically. You can watch some dubbed films in Persian. This is very helpful because you’d seen it in your native language and you already knew what they are saying throughout most of the film, so you can make translations much more easily.

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