How to learn Persian in a right way

If you want to know how to learn Persian, think for a moment about what you want to achieve.

Do you want to be able to communicate with Persian speakers and not worry about accuracy?

Do you want to know the correct Persian grammar so you can pass an exam?

Do you want to be able to use Persian at work?

There are also other reasons you may be learning Persian, and your goal will be different depending on your reasons.

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Persian to Communicate

If you want to learn Persian to be able to communicate, possibly when you are traveling, then to be honest with you, you don’t need to worry too much about having perfect grammar.

As long as you can understand native speakers and be understood by them then this will be enough.

If this is what you want, then there are several ways that you can learn Persian.

A self-study book, instructional videos, mobile program, or website can be really useful, as long as you have the self-discipline to study.

Listen to as much Persian as possible, and speak it wherever you can to practice.

Concentrate on conversation, pronunciation, Persian vocabulary, and listening and if you can join some conversation classes, then that will really help you.

Persian for exams

If you need to learn or improve your Persian to pass an exam then you almost certainly need to attend classes.

Self-study materials will help you, but also you will need specialist advice on preparing for your exam, and exam techniques.

Persian for work

If you are studying Persian for work purposes then again a class would really help you learn.

You will be able to role play particular situations such as telephone conversations, ceremonies, meetings, and presentations. In fact, if you study on your own you will not have an opportunity to do this.

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General advice

There is also some general advice that will help you learn Persian.

The most important piece of advice is:

Use what you learn!

If you study hard but never use Persian, then you will not improve and also you will never know if you understand it properly, as no one will be able to give you any feedback.

The second important piece of advice is:

Find someone to help you!

Even if you are studying Persian on your own, find a friend, colleague, or classmate, who you can practice with.

Someone to correct your mistakes when you speak Persian, or to look at a piece of writing for you, can make a huge difference to the rate at which you learn.

The third piece of advice is:

Spend as much time with Persian speakers as possible!

Even if you don’t know any Persian speakers, watch Persian language movies, listen to Persian language music, or read Persian language books, magazines, newspapers, and websites.

The fourth piece of advice is:

Use a good dictionary!

If you hear or read a new Persian word, look it up in a good dictionary. These are the words you will remember. And please use them as soon as you can after learning them. That way words will stay in your mind for longer.

For more data on remembering the new words that you learn, read this article:

Top 15 tips to remember Persian words

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