How to Learn Persian Step-by-Step or Your Quickest Way to Fluency

Persian is one of the most beautiful and great second languages in the world. There have never been more study materials at your fingertips such as articles promising secret hacks, or online communities to support you. But if you need to learn Persian quickly, which is the easiest path to results?

In this guide, we have listed a step-by-step rundown of the techniques and strategies that have proven to deliver progress fast, why these techniques work, and some resources that can help you follow them.

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1. Start reading

It has never been easier to find reading materials in Persian, or quicker to look things up on Google Translate if you get frustrated. If you aren’t quite ready to tackle the complete works of Hafez or Saadi, try:

  • Reading a book you love in your native language in the Persian translation
  • Switching your search browser to show Persian language results by default
  • Following more Persian pages on Instagram

2. Make yourself accountable

If you want to learn Persian fast, regular practice has to become a habit. But it’s no good just promising you’ll spend extra time working on your Persian language skills. Actually, you have to find some way of guaranteeing you’ll practice even when life gets in the way.

If you have great willpower, making yourself accountable could be as simple as setting an alarm on your mobile to remind you to do some studying at a certain time every day, such as when you come back home. But for most of us, learning motivated to do anything new is far easier when someone else is depending on us.

In one research, The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to a person. Even more encouragingly: this research showed if you have a specific appointment with this person to discuss your progress and learning, the chance of completing your goal rises to 95%.

You could search for a person who is also learning Persian to regularly compare progress with, or simply find a Persian tutor who you like and respect.

3. Keep your personal goal in mind

There is no easy way around it: learning Persian fast will take serious energy. In order to stick with it, you should have a motivation that sets your heart on fire.

When you have identified your goal, you can make sure that all of your efforts take you to another step toward Persian fluency. For example, someone learning Persian to take a degree at an Iranian language university might focus on specialist Persian words and phrases relevant to their course. If you’re learning Persian for work, you might like to focus on words and phrases relevant to the office. Many people also choose to learn Persian for someone they love and spend the most time in an informal language.

In fact, this step will save you from a common frustration: following a Persian textbook that encourages you to learn content that you will not need to use anytime soon. Don’t spend hours memorizing Persian words for all the animals in the zoo, if it won’t be helpful to you.

Online Farsi courses:

4. Try flashcards to boost your vocabulary 

A word of warning: flashcards can be a false friend when learning Persian, causing you to spend too much time learning words without their context.

When combined with plenty of speaking practice, however, they are an easy way to absorb a lot of new Persian vocabulary relatively quickly, and from home. Luckily, there are several great flashcards out there so you can start memorizing words wherever you go!

5. Find a community of language learners

When you start digging into more advanced aspects of learning Persian, we think it can be very motivating to share your insights, breakthroughs, and frustrations with other people. If you search on the internet, you can find several Persian online communities where you can ask your questions and answer others’ questions.

6. 1-on-1 tutoring

One of the tips that really work for learning a language is plenty of speaking practice. Speaking Persian is the hardest skill to develop on your own. It’s also the most nerve-wracking at first, so many learners leave it until last. This is a big mistake! If you want to speak Persian with confidence, speaking practice must be your top priority.

We think that 1-on-1 tutoring is the most efficient way to get quality speaking practice. Work with a personal tutor and you get a safe space to practice speaking Persian. As you know, you are free to make mistakes and ask questions, and there’s no barrier of embarrassment to overcome. In 1-on-1 tutoring class, without other classmates to worry about, the lesson is entirely focused on the skills most important to you. You’ll definitely be amazed at how much difference just one or two hours per week makes!

Learn Persian Online has several qualified native Persian tutors that you can choose to help you in learning the Persian language more easily and effectively.

7. YouTube

YouTube is a brilliant and useful platform for education. In many ways, it feels like the website was made for language learning! You can watch videos with subtitles or at half speed. These options are great for those who struggle with the pace of native Persian speakers.

Our channel offers a whole course of video lessons on YouTube. There is a lot of professional and extremely user-friendly content available for free, and you’d be mad to miss out.

Check out our guide about 4 of the best Persian learning YouTube channels.

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