How to Learn the Persian Language with More Motivation? (Part 2)

One of the most important things that you can have in language learning is a strong and consistent motivation to learn. Learning a foreign language is a long process and the number one reason learners don’t succeed is that they give up before it really gets rewarding. Unfortunately, motivation tends to go down over time unless you know how to keep it up during your learning process. So naturally, with a long-term project like learning a foreign language, you’ll need to find efficient ways to boost your motivation, or else it can run out completely.

In this post, we will show you how you can keep your motivation up.

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1. Having Realistic Expectations

It’s important to understand that learning a foreign language is something that takes time. You should stop seeing the process as a means to an end. If you expect to be fluent in Persian in a few weeks, you will be disappointed. Please try to stop focusing only on that end goal, try to enjoy the process, and pay attention to the baby steps you make every single day. Many language learners see fluency as a language-learning ideal, but it doesn’t happen on a specific date. Actually, it’s really difficult to tell when it happens. But if you focus on getting a little better and better every day, your daily progress does add up. We think, aiming for your daily progress instead of fluency is a game-changer.

2. Learning Doesn’t Always Mean Studying

Learning Persian is not always about burying your face in a grammar book. It’s all about varying your activities and making the process interesting and enjoyable. Keep taking your lessons, but also take some time to read Persian books, watch YouTube videos, binge-watch movies, and find people to talk to. Getting interested in Persian outside of your lessons is an interesting and fun way to stay motivated in your learning process. In fact, meeting a few interesting people that you can’t speak to without using the Persian language is one of the greatest sources of motivation available.

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3. Please Use a Method That Keeps You from Going Around in Circles

Learning the same words over and over again is a huge motivation killer and hinders your progress. It’s really hard to stay positive when you feel like you haven’t improved in weeks or one month, even though you’ve studied every single day. If you want to avoid this from happening, you have to try to find a method that’ll take you from a complete beginner learner, to a level where you can easily learn from context. The method should be able to adapt to your learning speed and style to make it as effective and efficient as possible. As you know, progress is a great source of motivation, so we need to keep it up.

4. Learn to Love the Journey

Probably, this is the most important part of learning the Persian language. Whatever you do, find a way or ways to learn that is enjoyable and interesting for you. Enjoy learning the meaning of each individual word, rather than anxiously wait for the day when you’ll finally speak Persian. The truth is that if you only have that end goal in your mind, it’s almost impossible to keep your motivation strong for the entire journey. It’s true that making progress is one of the most rewarding things, but you also should learn to appreciate it. If you can enjoy the journey of getting better and better every day, you won’t need any other motivation boost. These are only a few ways to keep your motivation flying high, but if you want to use only some of these few tips, you’re pretty much guaranteed to increase your motivation.

5. Plan time every day to study Persian

this can be as little as 10 minutes at bedtime, or a 2-hours movie at the weekend. If you make time for learning Persian, then you will find it easier to achieve your goals with planned actions. You can use flashcards on your lunch break, place post-its around your house with your new favorite Persian words, try to write your shopping list in Persian, start to watch Persian movies, listen to Persian music. Our native Persian teachers will work with you to create weekly schedules that include Persian media, books, exercises, activities, and more. In fact, consistency creates greater language retention, just think of how a young kid learns how to talk, they do it every day, and never stop!

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