How to Learn the Persian Language with More Motivation?

What are some surefire ways to stay motivated when you’re learning Persian?

In this article, we’re going to talk about 6 surefire ways to stay motivated and stay on track.

All right. Let’s start!

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1. Have a strong reason

The first thing you need to do is to find a strong reason to learn the Persian language in the first place. People who move to a foreign country where they don’t speak the local language will often manage to learn that language, because otherwise, it makes their life a bit complicated. Therefore, they have a strong reason to put in some time every day. But you definitely don’t need to leave your own country. Your reason for learning Persian can be just about anything! Perhaps your reason for learning is to study in Iranian universities, to be able to speak Persian with your friends or family members, to keep your brain young, or to get in touch with Persian culture. There are several reasons to learn Farsi, you simply need to know the ones that are meaningful to you and remind yourself why you’re learning Persian every now and then.

2. Learn a bit every day

Once you have a good reason to learn Persian, you need to put aside a few minutes every day to learn this language. Sure, the more time you spend learning Farsi, the better. But when talking about motivation, it’s important for you to avoid skipping days as much as possible, even if you can only learn Persian for a few minutes. Momentum and consistency are very important and necessary. Exactly like when you get the ball rolling, it’s much easier to keep going. In fact, learning gives you progress and progress gives you motivation.

3. Listen to music in Persian

Music is enjoyable and interesting, and if you make it part of your routine, you’re giving yourself a nice break in between lessons, but you’re still immersing yourself in the Persian language. So if you enjoy this routine, you’re more likely to stay motivated when learning Persian.

4. Understand that Persian learning is a marathon

In fact, learning a foreign language is not a sprint. Most learners think they can study for hours and suddenly get better. But when they realize that it takes time to learn, this can hurt their motivation. So please understand that it’s a marathon. You should remember that it’s better to study for a few minutes every day than pull a 5 or 4-hour cram session that will burn you out.

Top Tips:

5. Keep the big goal in your mind

measurable, small goals are definitely important for your progress. But when you feel you don’t like learning Farsi, which is completely normal, by the way, remember the big goal. Having the big picture in your mind will remind you of what’s important and necessary and put you back on track.

6. Invest in the language

Whether you buy a book or enroll in a Persian class, or join a study group, by investing and making a commitment, we think you’re much more likely to go through with it. You’ve paid for it, so maybe you value it more, and then you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Furthermore, other people expect you to show up. This can be very helpful when working towards your valuable language goals. And that’s it!

There are so many ways to keep yourself motivated when learning Persian. Do you have your favorite way? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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