How to Master Persian Words

In fact, your communication skills can bring many of your qualities to the forefront of your life. Your word power can determine your level of success in many areas of your life. Mastering Persian words is the first step to mastering Persian communication skills. This article provides guidance for those who speak Persian as a second language and native Persian speakers who wish to increase their vocabulary skills. Read on from step one below for how to master Persian words.

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1. Determine your present level of vocabulary

By taking vocabulary tests, you will come to know the strengths and weaknesses in your present level of Persian vocabulary, Prepare your own list of vocabulary that you can go through every day.

2. Read a dictionary

A dictionary is a good resource for learning and mastering Persian words. You don’t have to read it cover to cover, just pick out a few Persian words that interest you and learn how to use them properly. Alternatively, try an encyclopedia.

3. Buy a few Persian books to assist in your studies

You can buy Persian books online or go to any good library or bookstore and find a knowledgeable member of staff to help you. This person may be able to help you to determine the books that will be the most useful to you.

4. Begin at your present level

If your level of Persian vocabulary is high, start at the highest level where you recognize and understand every word put before you. If your Persian vocabulary is small, work gradually to improve in constant, small steps.

5. Prepare a study schedule

Follow your schedule, even if it is only for thirty minutes per week, once a week. It’s better if you can spend fifteen minutes per day – daily usage and practice will help fastest.

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6. Learn one word every day

Learn a new Persian word every day. This will help you learn 365 new words in a year and be able to increase your vocabulary and speak Persian better.

7. Say each word as you read it

This is very important. Please make sure your pronunciation is correct. Pronouncing the Persian words out loud will help them form naturally when you speak them in front of others. It is especially important for non-native speakers to do this as Persian pronunciation of letters and sounds may differ from your native language.

8. Write down the definition of any new Persian word you learn

Write a few sentences using the Persian words too. Actually, this will help them stick in your head, along with the meanings. Read your sentences aloud, making sure to pronounce them carefully. There is, potentially, a little muscle memory at play here – forming the Persian words correctly the first few times will ensure that you always form them this same way. If you start saying a Persian word wrong, it’s really hard to get your brain around to saying it the correct way later. If your Persian skills are quite advanced, why not combine the vocabulary you’ve learned over a number of days, perhaps a week, or 10 days, into a short story.

9. Repeat the Persian word you learn each day

As you feel sure you will not forget word #1, you can drop it from the list, and continue.

10. Please consider studying etymology, the history of words, and mnemonics

Some people believe the best way to master words is to learn them through etymology and mnemonics. Actually. when you learn a root, you can learn many other words based on that root. For example the word «باسواد» ‘literate’. Once you know that word, you can learn the modifications to that word, such as: بی سواد “illiterate”, سواد “literacy”, and a host of other words, to assist you in your mastery of Persian words.

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