How to Study Persian: Top 20 Activities to Do Daily to Learn Persian

When you ask someone ‘how to study Persian’ you will receive many answers.

Some will say live abroad (the best and fastest way to learn any foreign language), others will tell you to have classes with a native Persian teacher, while others will say find a Persian-speaking friend.

Most people know that practice makes perfect but then they don’t know how to practice Persian. You can use the following list when you don’t know what to do. With almost 20 different and great activities, you will always have something new to try.

Try to create a balance between speaking, listening, writing, and reading, and try to do these activities every day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Exactly like losing weight, if you make a plan or routine and stick to it (keep doing it) then you will progress and succeed. 100%

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1. Listening

  • Listen to music in Persian while you drive to and from work. If you take the metro use your mobile music player and download some podcasts in Persian. Click here for some Persian podcasts.
  • Listen to music while you work. If your office does not have any rules about listening to things while you work, keep your music player on low (or use headphones). You will not be concentrating on Persian but you will let your ears get used to the sounds of Persian while you work.
  • Listen to the Persian radio when you are at home. While you clean, cook, play with your kids, etc.
  • Choose your favorite Persian music and look for the lyrics on the Internet. You also can read along to the songs, as you hear the words at the same time. You don’t have time to search for songs and lyrics? We’ve done the work for you. Click here.
  • Listen to or watch Iranian movies or series. You can find some great Iranian movies online on the internet with subtitles.
  • Many people ask if watching movies could be the answer to how to study Persian. We believe it can. Watching movies and series is a great way to improve all aspects of your Persian. Watch with Persian subtitles at first and then progress to no subtitles.

2. Speaking

Easy methods, activities, and tips to help you learn to speak Persian.

  • You can find a group of people who want to learn Persian or who want to have a language exchange between Persian and your native language. This is a great way to USE Persian and to meet some great people.
  • If you do not like groups, you can try to get a language exchange with just one person.
  • Take classes. This is so obvious but if you get regular classes with an academy or a private Persian teacher you will have someone motivating you and making sure that you are studying, progressing, and learning.
  • Participate in an online class. You can have classes via webcam and microphone. Depending on what you want you can have Persian conversation classes or more structured classes.
  • Find an online friend with whom you can speak Persian regularly via Skype. If you are French and you find an Iranian who is learning French you could help each other practice each language. Just make sure to balance the conversations 50/50 or else one side will benefit more than the other.
  • If you are living in Iran then just live your life in Persian. Go shopping and speak to as many salespeople as possible. Ask some people what time it is. Tell people if they are wearing something nice. Ask someone for directions. Some people live in Persian-speaking countries and still don’t improve their Persian, so be active and search for opportunities to speak whenever possible.

3. Reading

Like any skill, you improve your reading by practicing. Knowing this you must find good material that you are interested in reading and also that is not too challenging. If you read Persian books or articles that are too difficult you will get frustrated and lose interest.

On the other hand, if you read articles that are so easy, you will not feel motivated to continue reading because you aren’t challenging yourself.

Are you looking for ideas to learn Persian by reading different materials right? Here is a list of activities to help improve your Persian reading skills.

  • Read books! Go to the library and get some children’s books (or find it online). Actually, that way the language will not be too complicated and you can gain some confidence. As you read more you can advance to more challenging Persian books and novels.

Top Tips:

4. Writing

Need some ideas on how to Learn Persian writing? Take a look at the list below.

  • Go online and visit some forums for learning Persian. There you can write and talk to different people and they sometimes correct your writing (or you can ask them to).
  • Try to get a native Persian friend. Then you can send messages to each other on social media. They can quickly and easily correct your texts so that you can see your mistakes and try to correct them in your next messages.
  • Keep a journal. It’s obvious that no one will check or correct it but you could write in it daily to start strengthening your writing skill. (Think of your skills as muscles that need exercise to get stronger and stronger. Lift some weights for your arms and write in a journal for your Persian writing skills).
  • Watch Persian YouTube videos and write down what is happening or what happened in the video. We suggest you do this as an oral exercise first and then write it.
  • Find sample Persian texts on the internet and customize them for your situation. In fact, by seeing real texts and re-writing them for your particular needs you will be able to practice common Persian expressions and constructions.

Starting your own Persian journal or diary is a great way to keep writing in your daily routine. It’s great if you use it as an opportunity to record events and thoughts that you experienced that day.

The best way to improve? Write, write, write!

Important Tips:

A) Join Persian-speaking clubs or voice chats

Persian conversation practice is the most powerful method to understand the language. As you know, conversation helps you get the speaking practice you need as well as improve your listening skills along the way. For this, you can surround yourself with like-minded people who are open to the idea of practicing together — having a meal, playing games, or just chatting. Use social media and groups in Google to find speaking clubs in your city, or groups that focus on your areas of interest (like sports, for example).

Can’t find anyone to speak Persian to regularly? No problem! You can always find someone to talk to on language exchange apps and sites. These days the development of technologies allows you to have a conversation with a person even hundreds of kilometers away. Install an app, choose your preferred speaking friend, and start chatting with each other.

B) Use a mirror and focus on fluency

Set aside a few minutes each day to stand in front of the mirror and practice Persian speaking. Please choose a topic you like to speak about, set a timer for 3 minutes, and discuss it with your imaginary study friend. The primary purpose of this speaking exercise is to analyze the way you speak, focus strongly on pronunciation, and learn how to express your ideas in Persian without stopping or taking pauses when you speak.

Also, this exercise is an opportunity to spot any consistent errors you make and note them down. If you get stuck on a Persian word you don’t know, make the effort to describe it another way. This is an important skill to learn, as you’re not going to know every word for everything in Persian. We know, at first, your sentences may not be grammatically perfect, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The important point is to try not to stop!

Now you know how to study Persian. But that is not the KEY. The key to learning Persian is to keep doing things.

So take a couple of these activities (one or two from speaking, reading, listening, and writing) and do them every day.

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