Improve your Persian vocabulary Through these 5 tips

When you’re learning Persian, it’s important to know as many relevant words as possible. Actually, a wide vocabulary helps with your reading, listening, and speaking skills. Also, it helps you understand and explain the world around you. Here are some ways you can learn Persian vocabulary:

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1. Read a lot

Reading different types of Persian, such as books, newspapers, and web pages can help you encounter new words. In fact, many of these are words that you won’t come across in everyday conversations. You can then add this new Persian vocabulary to your learning list and use spaced repetition to learn them.

2. Learn Persian idioms and phrasal verbs

There are a number of aspects of the Persian language that you’re not always going to find in a coursebook. Things like idioms and phrasal verbs are extremely common in everyday Persian conversations.

If you manage to learn these then you’ll find it much easier to talk and understand conversations with native Persian speakers. Although this is not the kind of language you’re likely to use in an academic essay, but actually, it’s arguably just as important to you.

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3. Use your dictionary 

When you encounter new Persian words (whether you are reading, listening, or conversing), it’s useful to have a dictionary with you. If you’re not sure what a Persian word means, you can look it up, helping you get context for its meaning. These days, you can get detailed dictionary apps on your mobiles, so you always have one with you.

4. Change the language on your social media or mobile

Have you ever accidentally changed the language on your laptop, mobile, or on a website and then struggled to get it back again? We’ve all been there before. However, this can actually be a good way of learning a foreign language. If you turn your Instagram, Twitter, and smartphone settings to “Persian” then you can continue to learn the language while you’re communicating with friends.

5. Learn common words

There are many words and variations in Persian, which can make it seem difficult to learn. But generally, you can reach a conversational level by learning the most common 800 to 1,000 root words.

Please focus on the words that are most relevant to you and your life. Whether you want to use Persian in the workplace or with friends, learn the vocabulary that you encounter often.

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