Learn Farsi: Top 10 Methods to Learn Farsi Fast

Persian known as Farsi is the official language of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. It is called Farsi in its native Iran. The Persian language is widely spoken in Iran but many of its dialects are also spoken in Tajikistan where it is called Tajik and in Afghanistan, the version is called Dari.

Persian is the mother tongue of 80 million native speakers and another 50 million speak Farsi as a second language. It is considered as the world’s Twenty-five most widely spoken languages. At present, 130 million people speak Persian. This includes all the people of the world who speak Persian, Farsi, Dari, and Tajik as their mother tongue.

Learning a new language is a very challenging process but if you know ways to learn the language properly and fast, you can overcome the challenges which you will face while learning the new language.

Take a quick look down below and get to know some of the tips through which you can learn the Farsi language fast.

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Top Farsi Learning Methods

1- Learn Phrases

You should learn Persian phrases, instead of the words used in phrases. By learning and understanding the phrases you can understand the meaning of the whole sentence. It will also accelerate your pace of learning.

2- Don’t Immerse Yourself in Grammar

If you indulge yourself in grammar then you have to think before speaking Persian. For effective communication, you need to speak more naturally. No doubt the know-how of Persian grammar is important to some extent. You should review Farsi grammar quickly. Listen to grammar rules attentively every day to develop your eloquence in the Farsi language. But, don’t make grammar your top priority because it will take time.

3- Improve Your Pronunciation

Listen to Persian News keenly every day to improve your pronunciation. You need to listen 8 to 10 minutes daily for at least five times a week. Repeat the newly learned words loudly. This will enhance your confidence and you will be able to use Persian in your conversation. Don’t translate word to word in Persian. You need to practice Persian conversation daily. In this way, you can learn the language fast.

4- Repeat Your Lessons

To retain a new language in your mind you need to repeat your lessons and practice everyday. By practicing you will be able to use Persian words naturally in your conversation. Try to read the Persian newspaper daily to improve your vocabulary.

5- Avoid Word For Word Translation

If you go for words translation, it will put your mind in stress and affect your learning capability. Eloquence in new language depends upon your level of confidence. You must have observed that child learn a new language quickly than his/her parents. Do you know why? Did you ever try to find its answer? The answer to this question is simple, children don’t have a fear of learning a new language. People get fearful when they see difficult vocabulary so don’t get afraid of vocabulary and words. When you hear Persian natives you must have noticed that they don’t use difficult vocabulary in their conversation.

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6- Learn Limited Vocabulary 

When you listen to native speakers, You must have noticed that they are using a limited vocabulary. They usually repeat the same words again and again and they use approximately 1000 words in their daily communication. So you need to learn a few hundred words to develop your Persian communication skills and you need to know which words to use.

7- Give Some Time to Writing

Make your habit of writing Persian language daily. If you find any native Persian speaker it will be of great help to you because he can identify your writing errors. In addition to learning how to speak, you should also give some time to improve your Persian writing skills.

8- Use Your Time Intelligently

To enhance your language learning process you need to work on 4 basic skills that are listening, reading, writing and speaking instantaneously. Don’t just work on 1 skill. If you are doing this, so then you are making a big mistake. Most people are very eager to speak the Persian language so they only focus on speaking. All these skills are correlated. You can say that your reading and listening Will affect your speaking and writing.

9- Practice, Practice, and Practice

There is no use in learning a new language if you don’t practice. You need to search for a real-world situation and if you can’t find it then create it by yourself by using the internet. Join Persian chatting groups and forums and try to exchange emails in Farsi. The more you practice, the better you will learn.

10- Focus on the essential

Most Farsi courses and classes teach you random things like the name of body parts or the conjugation of some obscure Persian verb nobody even uses.
People spend years learning those at school, then graduate and realize they can’t express themselves in Persian at all.
The truth is that you only need to know a few words and grammar rules to speak Persian with confidence.
Your goal as a Persian learner is to quickly be able to communicate in Farsi not to write a novel and learning the 20% of Farsi you’ll find in 80% of conversations helps you do just that.
If you focus on learning the most common Persian words, phrases and grammar rules first, you’ll be able to learn Persian must faster and communicate in Farsi in a matter of months not years.
Next time you study Persian, ask yourself the following question: will I never need to know this?
If the answer is no, you would be better off using another Persian course.

Reasons to Learn Persian language

Traveling is not the only valid reason to learn Persian. There are also other aspects like literature, music, poetry, and many more like these. In order to have a deeper understanding of their culture and traditions, learning this language can help.
Historic Persian culture has given birth to many renowned philosophers and poets. Rumi, Ferdowsi, Saadi, Omer Khayyam, and Hafez are ancient Farsi poets known all over the world. You can make your learning and studying enjoyable and fast by reading the amazing pieces of writing by these renowned names

Wrapping Up

Practice and consistency are the 2 things that can help in effective learning of any language. Follow the above-mentioned tips, techniques and keep practicing and you will soon become fluent in speaking and writing in Persian.

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