Learn Persian Like a Pro with 8 Great Persian Practice

Want to be proficient in Persian like a native speaker? We know the secret tip — practice, practice, practice.

When children start learning their mother tongue, first of all, they listen then, they begin to speak, read and finally write. To increase your level of Persian proficiency, you should constantly practice these four basic language skills — listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Maybe your question is: how can you do that on a regular basis? The trick is to make Persian a part of your daily life. You can do so by taking an online Persian course or simply adding these Persian exercises in this article to your routine.

We’ve gathered some top Persian-speaking exercises to help you study daily, and improve your language skills wherever and whenever you want.

Let’s dive in!

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1. Watch movies and series

An entertaining way to hear Persian from natives is to start watching films or series.

It may be tempting to add subtitles in your mother tongue but don’t do it. That’s because you’ll be tempted to read the subtitles, and won’t listen to how the Persian words are being pronounced! Instead, add subtitles in Persian. If you’re super stuck, you can always pause the show and look up definitions of the Persian vocabulary.

Watching series and movies can also help you discover new accents, and try to understand them.

2. Make special time for reading

One of the best ways to learn new words that you can use in your Persian conversations is by reading!

You can enjoy reading for fun whenever and wherever you want. But when it comes to reading for improving your Persian skills, you should concentrate and study. That is why you need to make a plan for your reading routine.

Try to spend 15 minutes every day reading Persian texts. Find a comfortable place where you can focus on an article, a book, etc., without the risk of being interrupted. To make your reading as effective as possible, prepare for it in advance. For example, take a pen, and a dictionary to write new words and Persian expressions. Please set your phone or other gadgets to silent mode. In fact, if you do all these actions every time before reading, your brain will know when you are about to practice so that you will be more focused.

3. Read Persian books, texts, and articles

Whatever level you are in Persian, you can find a book to suit you! If you’re looking for a good book, we suggest you read 100 short stories for Persian learners. As an alternative, you can take the book that you’ve already read in your native language – then you already know the story, and can focus on the language.

Please remember the golden rule — only read books that you enjoy. Also, opt for books that meet your Persian level. If you want to challenge yourself, you can choose a book a level higher than you have or are comfortable with.

There is a range of online resources that you can use to improve your Persian reading.

4. Change the language on your phone to Persian

While we are reading, a multitude of complex processes takes place in our brains. One of them is the correlation of meanings with the words we see.

Changing the language of your device to Persian is an easy and helpful way of improving your vocabulary. Your mind will automatically memorize new words by associating a particular Persian word with a function on your phone, tab, or computer.

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5. Create your vocabulary list

It’s not a secret that writing helps you to express yourself, which can help your Persian speaking skills, too. Studies find that you can improve your Persian writing skills simply with a pen and notepad.

Regularly write down unknown Persian words and expressions with their meanings and useful examples. Keeping words in your vocabulary will help you remember them better and learn to spell more effectively and efficiently.

If you’ve already created your own list, you can use these words to compose a story. As one of the best basic Persian grammar exercises, it’ll help you construct sentences correctly as well as remember different words and find out how to use them in the context.

Depending on how much time you have for this exercise, try to include 10-15 Persian words in your story. When your story is completed, you can share it with your friends or your 1-on-1 Persian tutor, and encourage them to point out any mistakes you have made.

6. Describe pictures

Choose a random picture and describe it in as many details as you can in Persian. Actually by doing this exercise, you’ll learn more about adjectives and understand how to describe feelings and perceptions. You can use a great site such as Unsplash as an outstanding source of different pictures.

7. Write comments on blogs

Reading blogs is an excellent way to improve your language skills. But it can also be a great platform to practice your writing. And as you know, you don’t need to be an expert to express your opinion about the blog post. Just give it a try!

8. Do Persian grammar exercises

When it comes to Persian grammar exercises, choose the one that explains grammar rules in a clear and simple way. By practicing your grammar daily, you will increase your confidence and be able to speak and write in Persian with ease.

Additional Tips:

A) Look in a mirror

Watching yourself in a mirror as you speak Persian, will allow you to check and fix your mouth position.

B) Record yourself

Making a recording of your voice will let you hear how you sound when you speak Persian aloud (compared to how you sound in your head). You can then adjust and try again.

C) Meet up with a friend

If you’re able to get together with someone for a coffee or a walk, enjoyable Persian conversations can happen naturally.

D) Plan video meet-ups

It’s not always possible to meet others in person. A great alternative is to find a buddy (a Persian-speaking friend or another student from your online language class, for example) for regular video chats.

Start practicing today!

If you want to boost your Persian, these exercises will definitely help. It’s obvious that some of these exercises require a specific amount of time during the day while others can be done on the go. Try to plan your time wisely, by thinking of the skills you must improve first. Then, you can focus on the Persian exercises which will make the biggest impact.

Whatever your native language is, you can upgrade your Persian skills. Why not start practicing right now?

There’s no better way to practice than with a dedicated one-on-one Persian tutor. At Learn Persian Online you can take Persian lessons with a professional native Persian tutor who can create a personalized plan for your experience level and goals. There’s no doubt that your Persian tutor will have a huge range of speaking exercises to go practice with you.

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