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Milad Tower is a multi-purpose telecommunication tower located in the northwest of Tehran. With a height of 435 meters, this tower is the tallest tower in Iran, and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world, and the nineteenth tallest structure in the world. This tower has 13,000 meters of infrastructure.
Milad Tower is located in the middle of a hill with an area of approximately sixty-two hectares in the north of the old neighborhood of Gisha. Due to its great height and different appearance, this tower can be seen from almost everywhere in Tehran and therefore, it is one of the symbols of the capital of Iran.
Milad Tower is a large complex that has various technical and cultural structures and it is a unique cultural center of tourism in Iran. Every year, many domestic and foreign tourists visit this tower.

Today, Milad Tower is known as the symbol of Tehran and the capital’s tourism center. Milad Tower complex in Tehran includes various administrative, commercial, and tourism sectors; But at present, this complex is very popular among the residents of the city due to its extensive services and entertainment facilities. Although the use of the main parts in the high points of the tower is not free, the use of the lower parts of the tower and the grounds of the Milad Tower complex is free for the general public. In recent years, new sections have been added to Milad Tower in Tehran.

Milad Tower of Tehran is the tallest structure in Tehran, the third tallest tower in the Middle East, and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Today, the Milad Tower complex in Tehran has a wide range of uses in the field of telecommunications and tourism. Currently, the Milad Tower of Tehran is known in the world as the symbol of Tehran.
At present, Milad Tower in Tehran has a wide range of services in facilitating wireless communication in Tehran, optimizing and expanding the coverage of radio and television frequencies, and creating a favorable infrastructure for digital televisions. Also, various services in the field of tourism and meteorology are other uses of the Milad Tower complex.
At present, the Milad Tower complex does not only include the structure of the tower but also includes a large area of the area around Milad Tower, which in addition to telecommunication facilities, business centers, restaurants, catering services, conference center, museums, and other tourism and entertainment services, this constitute the collection.

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Milad Tower recreation and tourism sections


In the Milad Tower complex of Tehran, there are different recreational and tourism sections, some of which are located in the upper part of the tower and another part in the area around the tower. On the third floor of the building, there is a “closed view platform” and the beautiful view of different views of the city is exposed to visitors. The area of ​​this part is about 880 square meters.
Another spectacular attraction on the third floor is the “Museum of Gifts and Manuscripts of Tehran Municipality”, which is located at a height of 261 meters. In this museum, old Iranian manuscripts and gifts of the municipality of different cities to the municipality of Tehran in different historical periods have been exposed to the public. Other artifacts on display at the Museum of Manuscripts include ancient 17- to 20th-century geographical spheres purchased from the Georges Pompidou Museum. The name of the Persian Gulf can be seen in these ancient geographical spheres.
On the fourth floor of the building above Milad Tower is the “Coin Museum” of Milad Tower. The coins on display in this museum are 160 different coins from the historical periods of the Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sassanids, which were collected by a personal collector and donated to the museum.

One of the most beautiful parts of this building is the “Museum of Celebrities” at a height of 271 meters on the fifth floor. The Museum of Celebrities includes a collection of sculptures of Iranian celebrities in their actual size. Among the sculptures of the Museum of Celebrities are statues of prominent historical, cultural, literary, artistic figures as well as great Iranian scientists, among which can be statues of Professor Majid Samii, Professor Hesabi, Simin Daneshvar, Jalal Al-Ahmad, Takhti, Shahriyar And the famous Iranian painter, Master Kamal Al-Molk, pointed out Visiting this part of Milad Tower is very attractive for tourists.

Milad Tower Sky Dome

“Milad Tower Sky Dome” is located on the last floor of the building at the top of Milad Tower, on the twelfth floor, at a height of 302 meters. This dome is 13 meters high and its special and beautiful architecture with an all-glass exterior attracts attention. It is possible to visit this part of Milad Tower for the general public. In the middle column of the dome of the sky, symbolic paintings from the ancient history of Iran to the Islamic era can be seen. This work of art is the work of the prominent artist Dr. Reza Yahyaei, and in its design, the four elements of water, wind, earth, and fire can be seen. Also, in designing the plans of the dome of the sky, valuable moral concepts such as peace, justice, love, and struggle have been inspired. Milad Tower telecommunication tower starts from this floor.

Milad Tower open view platform

One of the most important parts of Milad Tower that attracts many tourists to the top of this tower is the “Milad Tower open view platform”. This part of Milad Tower at a height of 280 meters in an area of ​​3000 square meters surrounds the seventh floor of Milad Tower. In this part, cameras have been placed to watch different parts of the city, which visitors can use to observe different parts of the city. For added security, visitors have covered the open viewing platform with universal fences.
In the center of this floor, artists, painters, and various handicrafts have exhibited and sold their works. Large replicas of the world’s telecommunication towers are also shown in this section.

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