North of Iran (Shomal)

North of Iran or briefly (north), it’s a geographical term that refers to relatively small but lush and fertile region in the south of the Caspian Sea and the north of the Alborz mountain and includes the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran and a part of Golestan.

North (north of Iran) has pleasant nature and unique scenery. On the weekend, a large number of people travel to the north, most of them are from the capital of Iran .
On the weekend, many people from Tehran, go to the north to get rid of urban life and air pollution and to enjoy favorable weather and places of interests.

Every year with the beginning of the spring and summer holidays, People’s traveling is also increasing to the northern regions that lead to the problem of very heavy traffic on the roads toward the north.
The main roads to enter the north are Haraz, Chalous, Firoozkooh, Qazvin-Rasht, Heyran pass, and Mashhad-Gorgan roads.

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The Most Famous Tourist Attractions of the North

Dizin ski resort

Dizin Ski Resort is another popular attraction on Chalous Road and is also the most important ski resort in Iran and the Middle East.

Sehezar and Dohezar roads

One of the most beautiful forest roads in the country, Do hezar and Se hezar roads that start from Tonekabon and end at unique heights, and one of the reasons for naming (two thousand) roads is that it is up to 2000 meters above sea level.

Rango waterfall

There are very beautiful trees and plant species in this forest and the length of this unique waterfall is 7 meters.

Rudkhan Castle

One of the most beautiful parts of the northern forest is Rudkhan Castle. this castle belongs to the Sassanid Empire, which was built on the forested heights in Rudkhan village and has an area of 2.6 hectares and wall, its height is 1500 meters.

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