Persian Script

Persian Script

Persian script or Persian alphabet is calligraphy that is used to write the Persian language. This is a modified Arabic script. Persian script was used to write Persian after the arrival of Islam in Iran. The oldest writings in Persian are written in a script other than Persian script.

Persian script is the official script in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This script was the official script in Tajikistan, which was changed to Latin and then to Cyrillic from 1928. Today in Tajikistan the Persian script is called the ancestral script and there are efforts to return to this script in this country.

The basis of the Persian alphabet is the same as the Arabic alphabet, but the Persian alphabet has features that distinguish it from the Arabic script. The four letters “چ, پ, گ, ژ” are for the Persian alphabet and do not exist in Arabic. In addition, the shape of some letters in the Arabic alphabet is different. For example, in Persian, the letter “ke” (ک) is written with a bar or line over the top of the letter while the Arabic “ke” (ک) is unruly in these two cases, or the letter “ye” (ی) in Arabic is accompanied by two dots below it “ye”(ي). There are other minor differences.

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