Tehran International Book Fair

Tehran International Book Fair is a book fair that is held in Tehran every year in May. It takes about 10 days. This exhibition is one of the largest cultural events in Iran.
The first Tehran International Book Fair was held more than twenty-five years ago at the Tehran International Book Fair (a place in the north of Tehran). Now, this exhibition is held in Tehran Mosala (a place near the center of Tehran).

Every year, thousands of Iranian and foreign publishers present their new and old books in this exhibition. This book fair has thousands of visitors. Most of the people who come to this exhibition are from the field of culture and education.
People usually get to the fair by bus, minibus, taxi, and subway and buy their favorite books at reasonable prices and at a discount.
The influx of people to visit the exhibition is such that it causes heavy traffic during the two weeks of the exhibition.

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About this Fair

History of Tehran Book Fair

The first Tehran International Book Fair was held in 1987 at the Tehran International Book Fair (at the end of Chamran Highway) and continued until 2006 at the same place. However, since 2007, a book exhibition was held in Imam Khomeini’s Mosala in Tehran (Abbasabad neighborhood), and in 2016 (the 29th period), the venue was changed to the Aftab Exhibition Complex on the Tehran-Qom freeway. In 1397, the book fair was moved twice to Imam Khomeini’s prayer hall.

Fair Info

Tehran Book Fair is an annual international book fair held in the capital of Iran. Held at a 120,000-square-foot venue in Tehran’s Mosalla, the event also provides an opportunity for publishers to sell their books and discuss future collaborations. The exhibition also has special sections, including the House of Literature, which celebrates prominent Iranian cultural figures from various disciplines.

Tehran International Book Fair is held annually in Tehran in early May. This cultural event has become an important book fair in the Middle East and Asia. Millions of visitors visit the fair each year, including thousands of university students, scholars, and their families.
This event is currently the most important cultural event in Iran. The average number of publishers participating in this exhibition is 2500 domestic publishers and 600 foreign publishers. Foreign publishers present their content in English or Arabic, however books in French, German, Chinese, Korean or Japanese are also available. The first edition of the International Book Fair was held with 16,000 books.
This year, due to the corona epidemic and the increase in cases around the world, this Fair will be held online for the first time.

During this book fair, many cultural programs are held as side activities such as book review sessions, face-to-face meetings with authors, lecture sessions, and writing workshops. In the last period of the book fair, more than 250 such sessions were held in the center of the fair called the Writers’ House. More than 5 million people visited the 32nd period of the Tehran book fair, of which about 1 million visited foreign publishing houses. Afghanistan, Oman, Russia, Italy, Serbia, China were the honorary guests of the book fair from 2014 to 2019. In addition, Turkey will be the guest of honor at the 2021 Book Fair. All books are available through direct sales during this exhibition. At last year’s book fair, more than 1.3 trillion rials (about $ 39 million) worth of books were sold. More than 135,000 foreign books (104,000 English and 33,000 Arabic books) and 300,000 Persian books were exhibited.

Many people want to go there because of the interesting variety of topics. You can find books that you can not easily find in most bookstores throughout the year. The good thing is that sometimes there are good discounts on books. You can also buy a credit card before the book fair starts. The advantage is that it will have some more credit than what you paid for the card.
The exhibition has 4 different sections, General Publishers, Children and Adolescents Publishers, University Publishers, and Educational Publishers.
Not only students but also people from different walks of life participate in this annual cultural exhibition. Publishers participating in the book fair represent a total of more than 60 countries.

Special Offers

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