Tips and Tricks for Improving your Persian Skills

The Persian language is not so difficult to learn. However, you can get some help, if you want to be good at speaking Persian. If you have a great Persian vocabulary you have already come a long way. But as with everything else, you should use it on a daily basis.

We have collected some tricks/tips to help you get better at speaking Persian fast. They are useful tips for your Persian learning, and they are easy to use in your everyday life and will make it easy to learn Persian.

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Tips and Tricks

1. Persian keywords

Find the Persian keywords. Every language has some keywords, that are used frequently, which is why it is a great idea to find these words, if you want to learn Persian.

2. Socialize

You can attend sports activities or events and etc. Besides the fact that you will join new networks and speak Persian, your vocabulary will be extended, and you will become much better at understanding Persian.

3. Take notes of new words

If you want to learn Persian fast, it is a good idea to take notes of new words. You simply remember new Persian words better if you have put them in writing.

4. Record yourself

Please record yourself and listen afterward. If you listen to yourself and your Persian pronunciation, you often find out where to focus your training.

5. Practice real-life situations

Imagine you are ordering food in a restaurant or asking for directions. You should ask the questions and answer them yourself.

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6. The Parrot method

If there are any sentences or Persian words you find difficult to pronounce, then repeat the words a lot of times. You can have your teacher, or a Persian-speaking friend record it, so you always know how to pronounce it correctly.

7. Watch Persian movies

Especially movies you already know. Choose for example a well-known cartoon, where you set the language to Persian, so you know the story, but now you get it in Persian. Also, watch Persian news and Persian series.

8. Apps

Use online apps for learning Persian. It is a great method to learn Persian.

Technology is making it easier than ever to learn a foreign language. We suggest language smartphone apps for helping you to learn Persian. It’s good to spend 15 minutes a day on it, but you can also adjust to anywhere from 5-25 minutes to suit your needs.

We recommend some apps like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, and Memrise to you.
If you don’t like these apps, you can search for other Persian learning apps too.

Useful Tips:


So you’re not fluent after a year of taking Persian lessons? So what? We are sure you can order a coffee in Persian, though. We are sure you can make a restaurant reservation on the phone. Take account of the things you can do in Persian and hold yourself to doing them always, even when you’re tired or a little rushed. Slowly build up the list of things you can do in Persian and suddenly, you’ll be spending the better part of your day speaking Persian. Maybe it will not be a scintillating conversation at all times, but hey, that’s reality! Don’t give up and be proud of how much you can do and your confidence will continue to rise.


Actually, this is the toughest one (that’s why we put it last, duh). When you’re learning a language, you need to stop caring about having perfect Persian and make lots of mistakes. If your classmate, colleague, or friend is Persian, ask him/her to speak Persian to you. If it’s hard at first, set aside «Persian only» times, like one dinner per week, meeting in a cafe, or whatever else seems possible. You may never transition to full-on Persian with them – after all, it’s difficult to change from the language in which you met someone – but it just may mean that you slowly begin using Persian as your first language when you meet new people in Iran. Give it a go!

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