Top 10 Websites for learning Persian for FREE

Top 10 Websites for learning Persian for FREE

Nowadays learning Persian language is not associated any more with dusty dictionaries and heavy manuals. You can study Persian online and get so much fun from it. These 10 sites are the best sites can be found online that will help you learn to speak real Persian. Sure, you’ll find what you need! Happy learning! 

Best Farsi Learning Resource!

1- Learn Persian Online: The website is one of the most well-rounded study resources that you can get for free. This attractive and user-friendly site provides a large collection of Persian learning resources for students, teachers, and learners. It has tons of grammar, vocabulary and video lessons for you to practice vocabulary, phrases and conversations. A “Must” for anyone interested in Persian! Browse all the pages and find useful links and plenty of information. Make sure to check this course which is absolutely the best Persian learning course on the internet! Learn Farsi in 100 Days

2- There are over 100 lessons on this website. It includes Persian Alphabet, common Persian phrases, proverbs, slang expressions, and other language learning resources. The site is not the fanciest or most beautiful website, but with lots to see and use and no advertising.3-

3- A well-designed site with interactive tutorials for everything from audio lessons to Persian – English dictionary.4- linguanaut:

4- linguanaut: This site offers Farsi (Persian) lessons online, from Phrases, Persian Alphabet, Numbers, Adjectives, Words, Farsi Vocabulary and Farsi Translation used in Iran. Most of the lessons contain expressions used for the everyday life conversations; through them you can learn how to say specific sentences.

5- Virtual Persian:   This website is designed to provide simple tutorial for learning Persian. You can find different lessons for listening, reading, and grammar skills. A good thing about this website is that the resources are divided into five levels of elementary to advance. You will also can find a Persian-English dictionary in this website.   6- Persian Online: Grammar and Resources This site from the University of Texas at Austin has activities to practice spelling, grammar, pronunciation, and listening. A bit difficult to navigate, so more suitable for advanced learners and savvy internet users.

7- Learn Persian With Chai and Conversation. This website provides free 15-20 minute podcast lessons to help make learning Persian easier. The podcast lessons provides common Persian words and phrases. You can listen to these podcasts anywhere- on a walk, at the gym, or in the car.   8- Persian Language Online:

8- Persian Language Online:

Persian Language Online is the flagship project of the Persian Language Foundation (PLF), a UK charity institution that seeks to promote and advance Persian language learning worldwide. Currently, this website contains resources only for beginners of English speaking Persian language learners.

9- This website provides lessons for English, Swedish and Dutch speaking Persian learners.  There are hundreds of common words and phrases in English, Swedish and Dutch with their translation in Persian.

10- Learn 101: This website provides lessons for many languages including Persian. All Persian learning lessons contain audio. The lessons offer a general review of simple grammar rules, common phrases, and vocabulary lists.

Also, don’t forget to use YouTube. Whatever you’d like to learn — vocabulary, an explanation of a grammar term, or idioms— enter it in the search field and an array of videos are sure to come up. Hopefully, some of these websites prove useful. Enjoy! And please add your own favorite sites in the comments.

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  1. hidayat says:

    i need online studying because lack of resources

  2. Barkins Denver says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kristina M. Foroud says:

    Thank you Reza for this useful compilation of tools for learning Persian!

    persianlanguageonline: The material is varied, it is presented in both audio and video formats, the topics are interesting. Excellent!!

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