Top Tips for Studying Persian — Study More Efficiently and Learn Faster

If you can read Persian texts, then you’re already pretty good at understanding Persian. You’ve probably memorized flashcards, attended classes, listened to Persian podcasts, and worked through textbooks.

When you invest a lot of your time in studying a foreign language, it’s sometimes helpful and good to take a step back and ask, «What is the best way to approach this»?

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4 Proven tips for studying Persian

Here are our best learning tips for those on the road to advanced Persian skills.

1. Set yourself helpful targets

Setting yourself goals is helpful for learning any new skill and essential for learning a second language. The question of how to set useful Persian language learning targets is worthy of an article in itself.

In short, you should break your ultimate goal into smaller, more achievable steps. A sensible goal is realistic and specific to the context you are learning Persian for. Also, it is useful to plan how long you intend to spend working on it. For example:

  • In two months’ time, I want to be able to understand most of what I hear in my Persian class.

If learning a language is like climbing a mountain, then setting yourself small goals is like making a ladder. If your goals are realistic and measurable, you will be able to see your progress quickly and are far less likely to get discouraged or burned out.

2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

The question is: what do superglue, X-rays, and LSD have in common? In fact, they were all invented because a scientist made a mistake and followed up on it!

For many learners, the fear of making mistakes and seeming stupid is a huge barrier to learning to speak Persian. According to education specialists, actually that’s because making mistakes often triggers a negative emotional reaction. This is something that all those who are studying a foreign language must learn to overcome, or at least live with!

We believe that learning to love your mistakes is important to learning any language. If you use a Persian word incorrectly the first time around, then you might be embarrassed. But this emotional reaction means that you are far more likely to remember the correct version of the word the second time around!

What is the solution to overcoming the fear of making mistakes? Try getting plenty of Persian practice in “low-risk” situations. Places where messing up a little doesn’t matter much. You could try practicing talking when you are playing online with Persian speakers.

Alternatively, try working with a Learn Persian Online tutor for a completely safe space to make mistakes and get advice on how to learn from them!

Top Tips:

3. Don’t put off questions until later

As you know, the only kind of mistakes that aren’t helpful are the ones that you can’t learn from. If you have any questions or doubts about something you are learning, then you must try to find help as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk accidentally learning bad habits, or maybe falling into the trap of making the same mistake over and over.

If you have a Persian teacher or tutor, make a note to ask them your question in your next lesson. If you really cannot wait, then great for you! There are several places on the internet to access free advice from Persian speakers within a matter of minutes.

For example, you can use Our site’s Q&A section.
The great thing about Our site’s Q&A section is that your questions will be answered by one of our Persian expert tutors, rather than a well-meaning stranger who might not have much expertise.

4. Find your learning style

We all know that everyone’s brain works slightly differently. A great and useful tip for learning any new skill is to work out your own learning style. The 3 main learning styles are:

Auditory learning: in auditory learning, you learn best by speaking and hearing new information.

Visual learning: in visual learning, you learn best by looking at pictures of new information.

Kinesthetic learning: in kinesthetic learning, you learn best by doing physical activities related to new information.

For simple language learning exercises, you have to adapt your study to suit your own brain. Are you a visual learner? you should memorize those flashcards by drawing pictures. Are you a kinesthetic learner? Think of an action to go with each new Persian word!

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