Top Tips for Studying Persian When You Are Tired

Perhaps you’ve got a full-time job and study Persian as a hobby, or you’re a learner with million-and-one things to do and don’t know when you’re going to fit in your study time. If you’re struggling to find the energy to keep up your Persian studies, read our top tips.

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1. Take Care of Yourself First

Before Persian needs, check your human needs. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you need a shower? Please take a few minutes to refresh yourself in these basic ways and you’ll be sure to have more energy when it comes to studying Persian.

2. Set the Right Goals

Set yourself small goals. If you know you need to do 30 minutes of study but the goal seems impossible for you, set the timer for just 10 or 15 minutes. After that, do another ten. And another. Breaking up your learning into more manageable chunks will make it easier to finish.

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3. Location, Location, Location

Find a good place to study. If you’ve got laundry all over your bed and dishes piling up on the table, actually it won’t make for a good environment for learning. A clean working space is crucial for effective working space. You can go and sit in a cafe or public library, or ask a tidy friend if you can use their study for a while.

4. Every Little Bit Counts

If you literally don’t have the time to open your hefty textbook, don’t give up on Persian altogether just because you’re too busy this week. Just you need to switch some of your daily tasks to include a bit of language practice. Write your weekly shopping list in Persian instead of your native tongue. Listen to Persian songs or audiobooks as you walk to work. If you’re reading a recipe, translate it into Persian in your head as you go. There are countless opportunities to practice Persian if you think creatively.

6. Tackle the easier things first

Maybe someone claims it’s better to begin a study session with a difficult topic so you’ll get it done sooner. While this hack may work wonders (only when you’re wide awake and alert) it’s not a good and efficient idea when you’re tired but still needs to study.

What is the solution? You can start studying easier subjects or chapters first! Getting into the mood to learn can be hard (regardless of whether you’re tired or not); so, by working on something easy, you can trick your brain into getting started. In fact, the satisfaction of completing a topic will also boost your mood and encourage you to continue studying Persian, despite feeling tired to the bone.

7. Chew gum

A recent experiment proved that those who chewed gum while learning reported a spike in attention paid towards work as well as a reduction in stress. Maybe it’s worth keeping your mouth busy chewing gum while you study.

8. Drink plenty of water

Instead of reaching for your hundredth cup of coffee in the dead of the night while you sleepily stare at your notes, please ditch the caffeine for good old water. Yes, it’s so helpful when you’re trying to battle tiredness.

How? Actually, researchers discovered just a tiny reduction of total body water can affect your mood and thinking, brain, particularly with tasks that require concentration and processing.

9. Get some brief exercise

as you know, we don’t mean a full workout in the middle of your study session. In fact, these simple exercises are merely to keep your eyelids open and your heart thumping. So, get exercising!

Try chair squats, jumping jacks, or wall sitting. Just remember to do these for a short while only as getting up too often might make you procrastinate and get distracted from your learning.

10. Avoid distractions

You’ll need every ounce of attention you have to focus on your learning, so don’t waste it on distractions! When you’re feeling tired, it’s easy to succumb to an action game on your mobile to “wake you up”.

Maybe the game has given you a slight buzz, but you’ve wasted precious time that could’ve been spent reading your learning materials. Put your mobile on silent mode and stop yourself from using it when the urge comes up. You need 100% attention when you are studying!

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