Top YouTube Channels to Learn Persian

How to learn Persian effectively

Learning Persian can be a challenge, but it’ll be rewarding once you find yourself conversing with native speakers and decoding Persian texts fluidly. For all you beginners wondering how to learn Persian, here are some tips:

1- Choose multiple methods

There isn’t one best way to learn Persian. And sticking to just one method or technique might not work the best either. I recommend choosing 2 or 3 resources – for example, an app, a podcast, and a book – for a more wholesome approach that tackles the multiple skills needed to master the Farsi language.

2- Don’t sweat the grammar

Don’t drive yourself crazy dwelling on minute details of the Farsi grammar. It’s boring and you’ll get frustrated. Instead, spend your time listening, reading, writing, and speaking Farsi to accelerate your progress.

3- Find ways to keep yourself motivated

You need to invest weeks, months or even years to learn Persian. To ensure that your motivation does not sizzle out, embed yourself in the Farsi language learning community by joining Facebook groups such as Persia Club, Let’s Learn Farsi and Learn Persian. Even better, take regular classes with an Iranian tutor from sites such as our site, Italki or Preply to have someone tracking your progress.

We have prepared many online Farsi courses on YouTube. Here is the list of some of them:

Best YouTube channels to learn Persian

YouTube has a treasure trove of videos to learn Persian online. It’s worth mentioning that Learn Persian Online YouTube Channel offers excellent content for learning Persian on YouTube.

Apart from that, here are the best YouTube channels to learn Persian:

Reza Nazari

Reza Nazari is an accomplished author and an expert Farsi teacher and tutor. He teaches you how to learn Farsi in the best way on his YouTube channel. With over 1,300 Persian learning videos available, you can pick up Persian words, phrases, grammar, and conversational skills. Also, check out his bestseller Farsi learning book: Learn Farsi Language in 100 Days

Persian Learning 

Go to Majid’s YouTube channel for videos and lessons on the many perspectives of the Farsi language. He has a playlist on Farsi words and phrases, as well as Persian idioms and slang. Beginners can get in-depth grammar lessons with examples and also learn Farsi through songs, movies, and poetry with translations included.

Talk Like a Persian

Get the low-down on the Farsi alphabet, numbers and basic phrases, as well as Persian idioms, slangs and daily expressions on this YouTube channel.

Farsi Wizard

Become a Persian wizard by learning with Tina Rahimi. Apart from teaching rules of the Farsi grammar on YouTube, she gives lessons based on themes such as food, colors and animals.

I hope this guide has been useful and helpful for you.

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