What to Do When You’re Tired of Learning Persian

Have you reached a point where you just want to give up learning Persian? If attending your Persian class has become a drag or getting homework done is impossible, you know you’ve reached that point. We all know the feeling.

If you need a little motivation, here are a few things you can do to get back your passion for learning Persian:

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1. Not every method is for everyone

The question is: how often do you hear that you need to ace your grammar in order to speak correctly? Or that conversations are the only way to go when you want to learn a new foreign language? Well, there are tons of language learning methods and strategies that none of them are universal. So, which approach you should take, then? It depends on your current level of experience, on your learning predispositions, on your past experiences, on the amount of time you would like to dedicate to learning, on the languages you know, and, last but not least, on the goal you would like to achieve.

Maybe you need to understand grammar to feel confident when you are speaking or maybe you don’t mind making mistakes and just want to have a conversation. Sometimes you need some trial and error to see which method or strategy suits you best. And actually, sometimes you need to change your approach.

2. Take a break

There is no shyness in pausing and taking a break. But this doesn’t mean that you should totally stop learning Persian. Please don’t let your progress go to waste! Maybe you need a break from a structured course but there are also informal ways of improving your Persian communication skills. You won’t even realize that you are still learning Persian when you:

  • listen to Persian songs while relaxing
  • watch series movies in Persian
  • try having small talk with your friends
  • use online tools for Persian language learning

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3. Revisit your motivation

Maybe it’s time to remember your goal of learning or improving your skills. Please check your career/personal plan if you have it on paper. To get higher education? Or is it simply because you want to work and socialize better with people around you? Or…?

Generally, remembering your reason for studying can re-energize you if your interest is flagging. It will help you imagine that the effort that you put in today is Important and necessary to get you closer to the achievement of your goals. Thinking about these can make learning easier and more worthwhile.

4. Please give yourself some time

When we start learning Persian, usually we feel like we can achieve anything and we want results to come ASAP. This is the time when we feel like the more exercises we do or more time we spend on learning Persian, the faster results will come. But a brain needs to rest! You should compare it to body exercising: Do you think it’s better for you to exercise once a week for four hours, or four times a week for an hour? The fact is, the body, as well as the brain, needs stimulation that is repeated and some rest between it to regenerate. This really enhances your chances of not giving up, even if some obstacles come your way.

5. Be like a child

Have you observed children in a classroom? Their eyes light up when they see something interesting and enjoyable or when they learn something new. When they’re curious about something, they ask their question without fear. And when told to do some new tasks, they just go for it and just brush off mistakes. When your learning progress is slow or when mistakes bog you down, be like a kid. Just go for it. Be fearless and please don’t mind your mistakes.

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