Why Do You Need to Learn Writing in Persian?

As you know, writing in Persian is different from writing in other languages and has its own letters.
Writing Persian is not very difficult. If you have enough time and effort to learn it, you will learn it well.

You can also learn tips for improving Persian writing from the article “5 Simple tips to improve writing in Persian“.

In this article, we want to tell you 5 reasons why you should learn to write in Persian.

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5 Reasons

1- When You Can Write, You Can Read

Farsi literature is one of the richest and most delicate types of literature in the world. If you are interested in Iranian art, history, philosophy, poetry, and magnificent stories, you need to know how to read in Persian. By learning to read and write in the Farsi language, you can really enjoy the original works and feel the authors’ emotions, thoughts, and feelings first hand.

Moreover, Iranians are truly friendly and warm people, so if you are planning to travel to Iran, you can make friends before your arrival and keep your friendship with these nice people after your amazing trip. Doing so, it is recommended to learn writing in Persian to be able to communicate with Iranian people.

2- You Can Express Your Thoughts Clearly

All languages come with their own lexicon and grammar. The Persian language is one of the most useful languages for friendship and love. So, by learning to write in Persian, you can broaden your horizon and express your thoughts and ideas in more detail. Besides, writing in the language that you are learning, makes you have more time to think about what you are trying to say. Therefore, the delivery of your message will increases.

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3- You Need Writing for Academic Purposes

If you want to learn Persian as your major in university or you are planning to study Persian literature, you have to learn how to write in Persian. Knowing writing in Persian, you can communicate with your classmates and professors perfectly. Also, you can have access to many Persian essays and papers available on the internet to educate yourself more.

4- Writing Is a Great Way of Practice

If you don’t have any practice buddies, by writing in the Farsi language you can have self-practice. When you see the language that you have produced on a piece of paper or a mobile phone’s screen, you can see your mistakes more clearly and correct them and observe your progress better. Also, knowing how to write in Persian can make you develop your grammar and vocabulary skills and get better day by day.

5- Are Persian and Arabic Writings the Same?

Persian and Arabic language are totally different languages find a similarity when it comes to writings. Although the language of Iran is almost the same as it was many years ago, by the arrival of Islam to Iran, the Arabic alphabet was used in Iran. But, since Arabs don’t have some letters that exist in Persian such as “g or گ”, “ʒ or ژ”, “ʧ or چ” and “P or پ”, Iranians added these letters to the alphabet. That is why if you see a work of literature in Persian you may get confused and mistake it with an Arabic one.

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