CHAPTER VII ON TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION. سر آغاز باب هفتم در عالم تربیت

CHAPTER VII ON TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION. سر آغاز باب هفتم در عالم تربیت

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Of rectitude, counsels and manners I tell;
Not on battle-fields, polo and studs do I dwell.
With the foe, lustful passion, why housed are you found?
To a stranger’s forced labour, how can you be bound?
سخن در صلاح است و تدبیر وخوی
نه در اسب و میدان و چوگان و گوی
تو با دشمن نفس همخانهای
چه در بند پیکار بیگانهای؟
From unlawful affairs those who twist passion’s reins,
In bravery, pass Rustam and Sam, for their pains.
عنان باز پیچان نفس از حرام
به مردی ز رستم گذشتند و سام
No one cherishes fear for a foeman like you;
For you have not the strength your own self to subdue.
Like a boy, teach respect to yourself with the cane!
A man, with a ponderous mace, do not brain!
تو خود را چو کودک ادب کن به چوب
به گرز گران مغز مردان مکوب
Your body’s a town, full of good and bad gear;
You’re the sultan, and wisdom’s the polished vizier.
In this city, resembling the arrogant mean,
Are haughtiness, passion and avarice seen.
وجود تو شهری است پر نیک و بد
تو سلطان و دستور دانا خرد
رضا و ورع: نیکنامان حر
هوی و هوس: رهزن و کیسه بر
Contentment and chasteness are good men and true;
In envy and lust, thieves and cut-purses view!
When the Sultan to vile-minded men favour shows,
In people of wisdom, where lodges repose?
Lust and avarice, malice and envy, full rife,
Are like blood in your veins, in your body, the life.
If foes of this stamp have indulgence obtained,
By your order and counsel they will not be reined.
چو سلطان عنایت کند با بدان
کجا ماند آسایش بخردان؟
تو را شهوت و حرص و کین و حسد
چو خون در رگانند و جان در جسد
From passion and lust flees the courage to fight,
When intellect’s fingers are sharp in their sight
هوی و هوس را نماند ستیز
چو بینند سر پنجه عقل تیز
Don’t you see that the night-thief, the rake and the mean,
Do not loiter about where the night-watch is seen?
The chief who to punish his enemy failed,
Was unable to rule, for his foe’s hand prevailed.
رئیسی که دشمن سیاست نکرد
هم از دست دشمن ریاست نکرد
This subject I care not to further pursue,
For if one is observant, a letter will do.
نخواهم در این نوع گفتن بسی
که حرفی بس ار کار بندد کسی


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