Story of the short-sighted man and the woman of noble spirit کایت مرد کوته نظر و زن عالی همت

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

An infant the whole of his milk-teeth had got;
The father hung down his sad head in deep thought.
Saying, ” Where can I get food and clothes for my son?
It would not be manly to leave him and run! “
یکی طفل دندان برآورده بود
پدر سر به فکرت فرو برده بود
که من نان و برگ از کجا آرمش؟
مروت نباشد که بگذارمش
When the wretch made this statement in front of his wife,
Hear how bravely replied the help-meet of his life:
“Do not fear for the Devil! for while the child lives,
He who gave him the teeth also food to him gives!
چو بیچاره گفت این سخن، پیش جفت
نگر تا زن او را چه مردانه گفت:
مخور هول ابلیس تا جان دهد
همان کس که دندان دهد نان دهد
The Omnipotent God has the pow’r, after all,
To give us our food; in this way, do not bawl!
He Who sketches the child in the uterine cell,
Is the Writer of life and subsistence, as well.
تواناست آخر خداوند روز
که روزی رساند، تو چندین مسوز
نگارنده کودک اندر شکم
نویسنده عمر و روزی است هم
When a lord buys a slave he will food to him give;
How much more will He, then, Who bade the slave live?
Your reliance upon the Creator is less,
Than that which a slave on his lord should possess.”
خداوندگاری که عبدی خرید
بدارد، فکیف آن که عبد آفرید
تو را نیست این تکیه بر کردگار
که مملوک را بر خداوندگار
Have you heard that in ages, a long time ago,
In the hands of the saints, stone to silver would grow?
You cannot suppose that the saying’s unwise:
“When content, stone and silver are one in your eyes.”
شنیدی که در روزگار قدیم
شدی سنگ در دست ابدال سیم
نپنداری این قول معقول نیست
چو راضی شدی سیم و سنگت یکی
When the heart of a child knows no envy or lust,
In his eyes, what’s a handful of gold, or of dust?
Make the Dervish who worships the monarch aware,
That the king than the pauper more sorrow must bear!
چو طفل اندرون دارد از حرص پاک
چه مشتی زرش پیش همت چه خاک
خبر ده به درویش سلطان پرست
که سلطان ز درویش مسکین ترست
With one paltry Direm the beggar is pleased;
Faridun was half-glad when all Persia he seized
Guarding kingdom and wealth is a dangerous game;
The beggar’s a king, although beggar’s his name.
گدا را کند یک درم سیم سیر
فریدون به ملک عجم نیم سیر
نگهبانی ملک و دولت بلاست
گدا پادشاه است و نامش گداست
The beggar without any care on his heart,
Is better than kings who in joy have no part
The peasant slept happy along with his spouse,
With a joy that no king in a palace could rouse. 
گدایی که بر خاطرش بند نیست
به از پادشاهی که خرسند نیست
بخسبند خوش روستایی و جفت
به ذوقی که سلطان در ایوان نخفت
If one is a king,1 and should one cotton sew,
When they sleep, both their nights into daylight will go.
When sleep’s flood arrives and bears man in its train,
What’s the king on the throne? what’s the Kurd2 on the plain?
اگر پادشاه است و گر پینه دوز
چو خفتند گردد شب هر دو روز
چو سیلاب خواب آمد و مرد برد
چه بر تخت سلطان، چه بر دشت کرد
When you see a rich man who is crazy in head,
Depart and thank God that you barely have bread!
Praised be God! that in you no ability lies,
That affliction on one, from your hand should arise!
چو بینی توانگر سر از کبر مست
برو شکر یزدان کن ای تنگدست
نداری بحمدالله آن دسترس
که برخیزد از دستت آزار کس


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