Story on fasting حکایت روزه داری

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

The wife of a government officer said :
“Rise Mabdraky and knock at the door of life’s bread.
Go, and ask them to give you a share from the tray! .
For your children are in a deplorable way “.
  به سرهنگ سلطان چنین گفت زن
که خیز ای مبارک در رزق زن
برو تا ز خوانت نصیبی دهند
که فرزندکانت نظر بر رهند
He answered, The kitchen to-day will be cold.,
For the Sultan, last night, said a fast he would hold,.
The wife in despair dropped her head on her breast;
With heart sore from hunger herself she addressed:  
بگفتا بود مطبخ امروز سرد
که سلطان به شب نیت روزه کرد
زن از ناامیدی سر انداخت پیش
همی گفت با خود دل از فاقه ریش
“When the king talks of fasts, does he gain in the least?
The breaking of his fast is my children’s feast “.
The eaters r who have a beneficent hand,
Beat the constantly fasting and. world-serving, band. 
که سلطان از این روزه گویی چه خواست؟
که افطار او عید طفلان ماست
خورنده که خیرش برآید ز دست
به از صائم الدهر دنیا پرست
It is right for the person to keep up a fast,
Who gives bread to the poor, for their morning repast.
مسلم کسی را بود روزه داشت
که درماندهای را دهد نان چاشت
If not ! why should trouble be suffered by you ?
You withhold from yourself, and consume yourself, too!  
وگرنه چه لازم که سعیی بری
ز خود بازگیری و هم خود خوری؟
The ignorant fancies of hermits must tend
To confound unbelief and the Faith,, in the end .”
There is clearness in water, and mirrors, as well;
But the clearness of each you should know how to tell.


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