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My goal is to help you speak like a native Persian speaker. My classes are dynamic and involve different ways of using the language. Students who are also dynamic and want to learn the language like the speakers of it, are most welcomed.

Teaching the Persian Language in a communicative way, is something that not many teachers of this wonderful language have in mind. Although we have lots of written material in Persian which may be the first reason many people learn the language, in my method I don’t focus on reading and writing in the early stages.

I believe being able to speak the language and interact with Persians all around the world, especially in Iran, will bring you opportunities to feel the language and culture of Persians by yourself and fell the need to learn reading in Persian in order to grasp the masterpieces we’ve been rewarded since hundreds of years ago. This is pretty much what we do in the beginning phase.

The second phase consists of more structural lessons and teaching new structures that is found in Persian, but not in Latin languages like English. By learning these new structures, you will sound a lot more like a native Farsi/Persian speaker and you start reading simple texts in Persian.

The third phase in my method gets you to the professional level, where you can easily communicate in Farsi, using Persian proverbs like a pro, and feeling yourself amongst the great nation, experiencing all the joy and happiness that is shared during dozens of celebrations in a year, and enjoying the variety of different tribes in Iran with their own traditions and cuisine and costumes and a lot more stuff that cannot be explained with the English vocabulary.

What’s more, for those who are going to visit Iran in a short time and want to learn essential phrases quickly, I have planned a crash course focusing on everyday vocabulary and expressions dealing with shopping, sightseeing, greeting, airport fundamentals, etc. You can find some samples of this course on my YouTube channel linked below.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon in my classes or online, telling all the great stuff about Persian culture and Iranian people that will blow your mind, nothing like what you hear every day on the news.


Abolfazl Azizi

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