Persian Grammar

Genitive   حَرفِ اضافه

Genitive sounds “e” as “e” in “men”. It shows the possessive. Genitive is also used to connect two words.

مدادِ شُما 

/medâde shomâ/ Your pencil

کِتابِ مَن

/ketâbe man/ My book

پولِ آنها

/pule ânhâ/ Their money

اُستادِ فارسی

/ostâde fârsi/ Farsi teacher


– Genitive after vowels: “ی” is used as a genitive after vowels:

دانِشجویِ زَبانِ فارسی

/dâneshjuye zabâne fârsi/ Farsi student

بَچه ی مَن

/bacheye man/ My child