The regular letters used for written Farsi stand for some different sounds. It is usually difficult to tell how a word is pronounced just by looking at how it is spelled. Therefore, it is useful to show the pronunciation of each word separately, using a system of symbols in which each symbol stands for one sound only. The pronunciations of letters and words are given within two slashes.

This book uses a simple spelling system to show how letters and words are pronounced, using the symbols listed below.

Symbol Example Symbol Example
a hat /hat m move /muv
â cut / cât n need /nid
ay time /tâym o gorgeous /gorjes
ch church /church ô coat/ côt
d dog /dâg u mood /mud
e men /men p park /park
ey name /neym r rise /rais
f free /fri s seven /seven
g get /get n nation /neishen
h his /hiz t train /treyn
i feet /fit v vary /vari
iyu cute /kiyut y yet /yet
j jeans /jinz z zipper /zipper
k key /ki zh measure /mezher/
kh loch /lakh تعظیم/ ta’zim
l loss /lâs