Persian Grammar for Beginners

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Your Persian Learning Journey Begins Here …

If you just started learning Persian language, you first need to know some basic rules of the language. If Persian vocabulary is the bricks of the language, then grammar is the mortar that holds those bricks together. There is a common impression that learning Persian grammar is painful, but it is a lot easier than many other languages.

Remember that developing a solid foundation in Persian grammar will not only help you create your own phrases correctly but will also make it easier to improve your communication skills in both spoken and written Persian.
Study all the lessons and incorporate your learning into your speaking and writing.

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Persian Grammar Lessons

Let’s get on board!

Lesson 1: Farsi Vowels

Lesson 2: Personal pronouns

Lesson 3: Present Verbal Endings

Lesson 4: Simple Present of “to be”

Lesson 5: Simple Present of “to have”

Lesson 6: Genitive حَرفِ اضافه

lesson 7: Simple Present

lesson 8: “است” after vowels

lesson 9: Questions with آیا

lesson 10: “What is it?” and “Where is it?”

Lesson 11: Present Stem سِتاکِ حال

Lesson 12 : Present Continuous حالِ اِخباری

Lesson 13: “شما” instead of “تو”

Lesson 14 : Simple and compound Infinitives

Lesson 15 : Joined form of verb “to be”

Lesson 16 : Object Marker

Lesson 17 : Tanvin اً

Lesson 18: Past Stem

Lesson 19 : Past Verbal Endings

Lesson 20: Simple past of “to be”

Lesson 21 : Simple past of “to have”

Lesson 22 : Simple past

Lesson 23 : Possession

Lesson 24 : Subjective Pronoun

Lesson 25 : Possessive Pronoun

Lesson 26 : Present Continuous Vs Simple Past

Lesson 27 : “تا” Preposition

Lesson 28 : Imperative verbs (Singular and Plural)

Lesson 29: Plural of nouns

Lesson 30: Adjectives

Lesson 31: Prepositions

Lesson 32: Question Words

Lesson 33 : Present Subjunctive

Lesson 34 : Present Continuous Vs Present Subjunctive

Lesson 35: “تا” as a conjunction

Lesson 36 : “که” as a conjunction

Lesson 37: Adverbs

Lesson 38 : Verbal Prepositions

Lesson 39 : Prepositions position

Lesson 40 : Days of the week