Learn Farsi in 100 Days: Day 2: Farsi Alphabet: Let’s learn more common Farsi letters: Part 3

Learn Farsi in 100 Days course

Welcome to Part 3 of Day 2 in our “Learn Farsi in 100 Days” course. Today, we’re excited to help you learn three more essential letters of the Farsi alphabet: “ل“ (lam), “ج“ (jeem), and “ق“ (qaf). These letters are foundational for building a strong vocabulary in Farsi, as each one appears frequently in everyday language.

Learning the Letter “ق“ (Qaf) in Learn Farsi Day 2, Part 3

قـ – ق” called “ghâf”, is the twenty forth letter of the Persian alphabet. It has short and full forms. “ق ” sounds /ghe/ like “r” in French word “Paris”, but it sounds stronger. we explore “ق“ (qaf), which contributes a deep, guttural sound that is often challenging but rewarding to master. This sound is similar to the ‘q’ in “qat.”

Isolated form: ق
Initial form: قـ
Medial form: ـقـ
Final form: ـق

Practice Writing ”ق”

initial form, “ قـ “ stands boldly, ready to connect.
medial form, “ ـقـ “ bridges the gap between the preceding and following letters.
final form, “ـق“ caps off the word with a deep, finishing touch.

Try using “ق“ in these examples:

Initial Letter:                                    قَشَنگ                   /ghashang/             beautiful
Medial Letter:                                  بُشقاب                  /boshghâb/             plate
Final Joined Letter:                          قایق                     /qâyeq/                   boat
Final Disjoined Letter:                     طلاق                    /talâq/                     divorce

Discovering the Letter “ج“ (Jeem)

ج – جـ ” /jim/ is the sixth letter of the Persian alphabet. It sounds /je/ like “j” in “just”. “ ج ” has short and full forms. The letter “ج“ (jeem) adds a joyful and jumpy sound to the Farsi language. It is distinctively shaped like a small hook or a dotless question mark.

Isolated form: ج
Initial form: جـ
Medial form: ـجـ
Final form: ـج

Practice Writing ” ج ”

Initially, ”جـ” hooks to the next letter, forming a bridge.
Medially, ”ـجـ” appears snugly between the letters, keeping its hook-like shape.
Finally, ”ـج” smoothly concludes the word while still showing its characteristic hook.

Examples to enhance your understanding:

Initial Letter:                                  جوراب                   /jurab/                     socks
Medial Letter:                                تجربه                    /tajrobeh/                experience
Final Disjoined Letter:                    تاج                       /tâj/                         crown

Understanding the Letter “ل“ (Lam) in Learn Farsi Day 2, Part 3

لـ – ل ” called “lâm”, is the twenty seventh letter of the Persian alphabet. It has short and full forms. “ ل” sounds /le/ like “l” in “leg”. It can appear in several forms depending on its position in a word:

Isolated form: ل
Initial form: لـ
Medial form: ـلـ
Final form: ـل

When writing ”ل”, remember that it has a soft and fluid appearance, often resembling a small wave. It’s pronounced like the ‘l’ in “leaf,” making it one of the easier Farsi letters to pronounce for English speakers.

Practice Writing ل:

initial : ”لـ” looks like a wave ready to connect with the next letter.
medial : ”ـلـ” maintains its wave-like shape, linking the letters on both sides.
final : ”ـل” curves into the preceding letter without extending further.

Examples to help you practice:

Initial Letter:                                     لِباس                    /lebâs/                    dress
Medial Letter:                                   گُلدان                   /goldân/                  pot
Final Joined Letter:                           بیل                      /bill/                        shovel
Final Disjoined Letter:                      دل                       /del/                        heart

Watch and Learn: “Learn Farsi in 100 Days” Day 2- Part 3

For visual and auditory learners, we highly recommend watching the YouTube tutorial linked below. This video offers practical demonstrations on writing and pronouncing these letters, which will help you grasp the nuances of each letter and improve your Farsi language skills.

Practice these letters in their different forms regularly to improve your ability to write and speak Farsi. Stay tuned for Day 2 ,Part 4 as we continue to build your knowledge and confidence in the Farsi alphabet.